How to Love Every Salon Visit

How Elle Woods in Legally Blonde felt about manicures is how I feel about a visit to the salon.  Whether I am just getting a trim or completely changing my hair color, I love how I look and feel when I leave.  Over the last 7 years I have been a blonde, brunette and a red head.  I've changed my color based on my mood, boredom and curiosity.  I have loved most of the changes and that is because of my hairstylist.  

I have recently talked to a few people after having a bad experience with their hairstylist.  They had a range of issues.  A few did not get what they thought they were asking for and some said they couldn't recreate what their hair looked like after leaving the salon. 

At my last hair appointment I spoke with my hairdresser.  I combined her advice with my experiences to come up with a list of tips to have a great experience at the salon. 
  • Pictures, pictures, pictures-  The best way to communicate what you want is thru pictures.  Bring several pictures with what you do and do not want.  The stylist will see what you gravitate towards and what shapes, colors etc. you like.  Pictures of what you don't want can be just as helpful.  My stylist suggested making a pinterst board and going thru that at your next appointment.
  • Know your commitment level - Communicating your hair commitment to your stylist is crucial.  How much time will you spend each day?  Do you typically blow out your hair or let it air dry? How often are you willing to go back to the salon?  Can you afford the salon visits required to maintain the style?  Let your hairdresser know your commitment so they can decide if you what you want will work.  A drastic change from your natural hair color will require more frequent visits than adding subtle highlights.  Also, certain hairstyles will take more time to style and require more maintenance than others.
  • Be Realistic -  Be ready for you stylist to tell you that you can't have exactly what is in a picture.  They have to work with your specific hair texture and thickness.  Also, certain colors may not look good on you. In terms of hair color, I typically tell my stylist what color I want but then ask her to do the version that looks best on me.
I hope these tips will help you have a better experience at your next salon visit!

Kara Krittenbrink


  1. Happy Friday, love! You look stunning in those 2 pics and I agree with you! Pictures are a must when visiting your hair dresser! Thanks for sharing!! :)
    Happy Weekend!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  2. Great tips! I definitely think having pictures to show what you are looking for is key.
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