Beauty Rx: L'oreal Cream Blush

On my Mother's Birthday I thought it would be appropriate to talk about one of her favorite beauty products, blush.  It was one of the first makeup products she let me wear and it is still one of my favorites too.  It instantly adds life to your face and creates a beautiful glow.  With the right color, blush is something that everyone can benefit from wearing.  Even when I go for a "no makeup" look, I don't leave the house without a little bit of color on my cheeks.
I have used a Bare Minerals powder blush for years and love it.  Recently, I decided I wanted to try a cream blush so I bought L'Oreal Visible Lift Blur blush in soft peach and it is amazing!! I haven't tried cream blushes in the past because I was intimidated by the application, but the L'Oreal cream is super blendable and easy to apply.  After trying a few different methods for application, I have a routine that works for me. 

  1. Squeeze a pea size amount onto the back of your hand.
  2. Using your middle or ring finger (they have a lighter touch than your pointer) take a small dab and swirl it on your hand.
  3. Apply to your cheeks starting at the apples or on your cheekbone (see below).
  4. In a circular motion blend out and towards your hair line.
  5. Slowly add more blush until you have the intensity that you want.
  6. Set with a translucent powder.
Apples or cheekbones?
  • Applying to the apples of your cheeks softens your face and makes it appear less angular
  • Applying along your cheekbones will reinforce the angles in your face.
Kara Krittenbrink


  1. Happy Monday! Glad I stopped by! I’m SO inspired by this! I must try these products! Thanks much for sharing!! :)
    xoxo, Vanessa

  2. This is a great "how to"! I must give cream blush a try!

  3. I am in the market for a new cream brush and I am going to have to try this! And thank you so much for the tips!


  4. Ohhh interesting...digging the second blush application tip too;pp
    Joua To The Rescue