Hair Accessories Under $50

This week's theme on the blog is hair! Earlier this week I talked about how to get rid of build up and take care of your scalp in this post

Although it didn't start my love, Gossip Girl really fueled my obsession with hair accessories.  I always seem to be picking up a new headband or ponytail holder to jazz up my hairstyles. (I now know I have become my mother because I used the term "Jazz up"). If you follow me on instagram you may have seen the black knotted headband (similar here) that I wear at least once a weekend.  

I love that hair accessories, especially headbands, are having such a moment right now! It is hard for me to keep from buying every headband I see. I love how headbands can cover up a bad hair day or just tame crazy hair and also be an outfit maker. This Green Velvet Headband would make a statement when wearing all neutrals! Floral headbands, like this one, make me excited for Spring and Summer. I love the high low look of a fancy headband with a white tshirt and denim.

You can make even a ponytail more chic with these bow ponytail holders. Or to really make a statement use this scarf headband in your next ponytail or bun. 

Kara Krittenbrink

Hair Refresh

Researching hair products can be overwhelming. There are hundreds of brands and thousands of products. I really don't use many products on my hair on a day to day basis. I try to go at least 3-4 days between hair washes. It is not only healthier for my hair but it saves me time! This routine requires its fair share of dry shampoo. 

Every few months my hair seems a little lackluster. This is usually caused by some product build up on my scalp. If you hair is oily or if you work out and sweat a lot, you can have some issues with build up as well. Scalp care is important not only for styling, but for your hair health overall. I've tried a few clarifying shampoos but none of them really seem to work as well as they claim. 

After some research I started using apple cider vinegar in my hair! I dilute a couple tablespoons with a cup of water then I work it into my wet hair. I let it sit in my hair for a few minutes, really massaging it in. Then I shampoo and condition like usual. Some recommend doing the apple cider vinegar rinse after shampoo and conditioner. Because the vinegar smell is so strong, I like to use the shampoo and conditioner after to really rinse out the smell.

Recently I've found another product to use to clarify my scalp, the Kristin Ess Exfoliating Scalp Scrub. I've been using it around every 4-5 weeks or whenever my roots start to feel weighed down with product. I'd never heard of a scalp scrub before but liked the concept. The consistency is gel like so it doesn't drip. You can also really feel the scrub aspect of it, but it is sugar based so it won't dry out your scalp or hair.

It is an easy product to use too. The bottle has a nozzle applicator which makes it easy to get the scrub to your roots. After wetting my hair I apply the scrub along my hairline first. Then I use the applicator to apply the product along my part line. I then create some lines parallel to my part about an inch apart and apply product there. I then really massage it into my scalp and let the scrub work. It feels amazing and really seems to clean up any buildup I've been having. After I rinse it out, I shampoo and conditioner like usual! It really takes only a few extra minutes but has made a big difference in my hair. 
Kara Krittenbrink

New Spring Pieces Under $100

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Maybe it is the fact that its been below freezing the past week or maybe because it is March, but I've been in full Spring shopping mode. I wear a lot of dark colors and neutrals in the winter but in the Spring I start craving some color. This year I am more into pastels than I have been in the past. I'm loving soft blush, blue and peach.

Statement sleeve have been a big trend lately. The ruching on the sleeves of this wrap top and this blouse are a wonderful detail. Both tops would pair well with a slim fit bottom. White denim and a neutral flat is a great option for casual events like brunch. 

White and camel are always great colors to wear in the spring. Adding a color or print, like these heels, against white creates a pop of interest. 

Snakeskin is typically not a print I think of for Spring, but this skirt screams spring with its green color scheme. 

What are you looking forward to wearing and buying for Spring? 

Kara Krittenbrink