How to Style Gladiator Sandals

Last week I shared my new love for gladiator sandals here. I've finally decided on a pair for myself and have barely taken them off. For their first outing I styled the gladiator sandals with a romper for a day of Bridesmaid's dress shopping with one of my best friends. I'm so honored to be one of her Maids of Honor. She gathered all of the bridesmaids together at a local boutique, Prim, to pick out dress we'll wear on her big day. Afterwards we had a long brunch, it was a great day of girl time!

Back to the outfit, I'm in another romper and not ashamed of it. We have been in a heatwave lately and I can only stand to wear breezy light pieces. This romper is a balance of airy fabrics and flattering cut. It is sold out but I love this one and this one too!

Heels, flats and sandals would all pair well with this romper. You can dress it up and down! Gladiator sandals add a bit of edge to it and make a great alternative to flats. 

Gladiator Sandals - Romper, sold out 
Sunglasses, sold out (similar here & here)

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Beauty RX: Benefit Mascara Review

I have been in search of a new mascara. I'm yet to fall in love with a mascara that I want to keep buying. Whenever I need a new one, I typically pick something up at Target. I've never had a specific brand or type that I buy each time. I was determined to change that when I went to Ulta a few weeks before.

Going into Ulta can be a bit overwhelming if you don't know what you are looking for. I wanted to try and compare 2 or 3 mascaras. I stuck with the same brand, Benefit, because I love so many of their other products. Benefit also sells smaller sizes of many of their products, including mascaras! I have tried all of the mascaras many times and have reviews for you! In the groups of pictures below I'm wearing the same eye makeup except for the mascara I'm reviewing. I'm a little redder in the last pictures because the lighting in the pictures was different. 

BADgal was the first mascara I tried. I loved this one! The brush is a typical bristled mascara brush but its tapered. I found it easy to apply. The end of the brush allows you to get to the small lashes on the inner corner of your eye. I think my lashes looked fuller and thicker. My eyes felt more defined than with other mascaras, in one word: LUSH! This mascara also lasts! I made it through the day with out wanting to reapply. Travel size here.

Roller Lash glides on easily. The formula is dark and lengthens your lashes. The brush is special in the fact that it curls your lashes. Many of you may not even need to use an eyelash curler. Beyond the curl, this mascara is similar to many that I have tried. It wore fairly well, but at the end of a work day I would need a touch up before going to dinner. Travel size here.

They're Real Mascara surprised me by the definition it added to my eyes. My lashes seemed longer and defined. I felt I could see each individual lash. Even the tiniest lash was lengthened. This mascara is not waterproof but it lasts. I wore it on a day I went to a theme park and water park. After sweating for a few hours and then being soaked at a water park I didn't have raccoon eyes!! The mascara had definitely worn off a little bit but none of it was under my eyes. Travel size here.

Verdict: All of the mascaras reached my expectations and what the promised. The mascara I will keep buying is the BADgal Lash Volumizing Mascara. I felt my lashes looked the most defined and full with this one. After I tried all of them, this is the one I wanted to put on each morning. 
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Gladiator Sandals

A trend I've loved for a while is the gladiator sandal! I've had shorter ankle height pairs in the past but really love the tall ones.Each season I love seeing them in stores and magazines but have been too intimidated to try them on. I thought they wouldn't work on my legs. Fears of short stumpy legs kept me staring at them from afar.

Finally this season I ordered a few pairs (this one and this one) and made myself try them on. I wanted to either fall in love or mark them as a trend 'not for me'. When I finally tried on the first pair, I saw how flattering they can be! After some trial and error, I have a few tips on how to flatter your legs if you are worried about your legs looking short. 
  1. Purchase a pair that is fitted around your legs but not tight. 
  2. Lace up pairs can be tightened and loosened to fit your legs exactly.
  3. Pick a pair that matches or is close to your skin tone.  

1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12
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Blue Floral Romper

I've spoken the praises of rompers many, many times! The right romper is an outfit in one piece. It is as easy as a dress but more comfortable. Many of my rompers are casual and comfortable. I like to have a few dressy ones too. 

The silky material and bold floral print upgrade this romper from basic to statement maker! I wore this blue floral romper our last night in Vegas. We had planned a night of Mexican food and gambling. I wanted something dressy but comfortable. The drawstring waist allows you to fit it perfectly to your body. I also love the tie at the top. You can keep it loose and the slit at the top is more flirty. Tie it up and you have a more conservative look. If you are looking for a romper, the under $100 price tag of this one makes it hard to pass up!

I plan on wearing this to an upcoming bridal luncheon and many other events this summer. Pairing with boots or booties and a jacket will take this romper into fall. 

Floral Romper - Tassel Heels (more sizes here and here)
 Monogram Clutch - Nude Lips (see post here)

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America the Beautiful

The biggest summer holiday is almost here. Get your hot dogs and burgers ready for your cookouts! I love the 4th of July. I have a few family members with birthdays on the 4th so it is typically a big family celebration including our own amateur fireworks show. 

I also love the color scheme for the holiday! I've picked some great pieces to help you celebrate. No matter how you celebrate America, I've got you covered!

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Nude Lips

I love the internet! It brings information to me at a moment’s notice. The internet has helped my wardrobe immensely by bringing fashion to me that I wouldn’t have had access to in Oklahoma otherwise. It is also gives me the ability to have Everyday K! It can also make me feel utterly annoyed, like when I’m trying to get a post uploaded and my wifi connection is gone! It’s my fault that I waited until the last minute and now it’s Thursday night at midnight and I can’t go anywhere else to get internet. So I apologize for this post going up late!

This is a post I never thought I would be writing. I have always been someone that loved a bold lip color! You can see from this post and this post that I loved bold reds and hot pinks. It doesn’t take much for me to pull out a bright color. Some people may be scared of the reds and pinks, but that is how I’ve felt about nude lip colors.

The problem I had with nude lip colors was that I never found one that seemed to not make me look washed out or pasty. Bright colors flatter my skin tone and I expect a nude lip color to do the same. After trying a few colors I gave up and decided nude lip colors just weren’t for me.

After seeing it recommended online, I was tempted to try Maybelline’s Velvet Matte Liquid Lipsticks. Instead of going for my first pick, a matte red, I went for Nude Thrill. It was love at first swipe! It’s a ‘your lip color but better’ color. It adds some definition with a barely there look. It will flatter most skin tones. If you need a bit more pink/blush tones to your color the other nude in the collection, Nude Flush, is your ticket.

Now onto the formula. First of all, it is matte! Matte lip colors have become my favorite lately. Also, the formula feels so good. Normally, I find any matte formulas drying and tight feeling. Maybelline isn’t lying when they call this formula velvet. It feels amazing! I would recommend any of the colors in this line.

My only con to the liquid lipstick is the wear. It will last about 4 hours really well. After that you will need another application. I don’t mind this too much because I love the feel of it so much.

Do you have any nude lip colors that you like?
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Taking a Plunge in Vegas

Our first night in Vegas may have been my favorite. We had a fantastic dinner at Lavo with plenty of yummy drinks and amazing food. Honestly, it is hard not to have a great time with 13 of your close friends! The night was such a whirlwind that I completely forgot to take some outfit pictures! I threw this back on the other day so I could share it with you all!

I wanted to step out of my comfort zone a bit for the first night in Las Vegas but not go completely crazy! This plunge romper caught my eye from the moment I saw it online. When I tried it on I realized the deep plunge was a bit more than I bargained for. I realized adding a bralette beneath was the perfect compromise. It added a bit of coverage but kept the flirty aspects of the romper. 

The bottom of the romper is basically a skort. The front is a wrap skirt and the back looks like a traditional romper. What I love about the front is the points on the skirt. Along with a heeled sandal, they help elongate your legs. 

The romper doesn't need much help in the accessory department... just a little sparkle and a red lip.

Plunge Romper (similar here and here) - Bow Clutch, old (similar here and here
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The Pinepple of My Eye

I don't know about you but I've been seeing pineapples everywhere! We seemed to have a taste of them last summer and now I can't get enough. I know a few of my friends feel the same way too! We seem to keep sending each other every pineapple we see. I wore this pineapple romper from last summer (seen here) this weekend and know it will be on repeat. 

Subtle to statement there are a few ways to rock the print! Matching sets are still on trend. This top and shorts are such a good deal and can be worn together and separate. These smaller print on these shorts makes them a bit more sophisticated. This dress will bring the tropical vacation to you. Wear it to your next shower, rehearsal dinner or casual wedding.

Pineapples are all over accessories too! From this statement purse to the subtle clutch, you can carry your pineapple everywhere! Comfortable, easy shoes are a must for summer days. These slides, keds and espadrilles will get you through casual summer weekends. 

To dress up your phone I love this phone cover and this phone cover. Your bar cart will be summer festive with these glasses or this wine stopper. If you want to incorporate both palm print (seen here) and pineapple these mismatched studs are for you!

Matching Set Top and Shorts - Tank - Fanny Pack
Dress - Clutch - Shorts 
 T-Shirt (Tank Version Here) - Espadrilles
Kara Krittenbrink

Travel Style

I have another post from Vegas today. As seen in this post, I like to keep my travel outfits simple and comfortable. Instead of my go to pixie pants and top, I opted for a casual jumpsuit to travel to Vegas in. I needed something that wouldn't let me freeze on the plane but would also work in the Vegas heat. It’s a bonus that this jumpsuit feels like pajamas! We had a very early flight so I knew I would be curling up in my seat on the plane and trying to sleep a bit. I’m still not great at taking photos on vacations. I’m too busy having fun to step aside and take a lot of pictures.

This jumpsuit is way more than a travel outfit. I wore it yesterday for a fun lunch with some of my aunts. The keyhole back adds a special detail to this one. You can wear a lace bralette and it will peek thru the back! With some jewelry and heels, I know I’ll wear it to a girl’s dinner or even a date. I love jumpsuits and truly think you can wear one for almost any situation. They have gone from simply a trendy, fun item to a closet staple for me. Don’t be discouraged if you try on a few and don’t like how they fit. Not every jumpsuit works for every person. I have a short torso so I’ve tried many that are too long on me. Give yourself a little time and you’ll find one for you!

The best part of the jumpsuit? It's now gone on sale and is under $50! This jumpsuit will get you thru the summer and easily go into Fall!

Keyhole Back Jumpsuit – Crossbody Bag, old (similar here
Jeweled Sandals, Old (Similar here and here)

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Let's Hit the Pool

A Bachelorette Party in Vegas meant many days spent at the pool! As you saw in my packing list, most of my day packing list focused around the pool. I knew we would be spending a lot of time at the pool so I was prepared. We spent three of our four days poolside with drinks in our hands! 

I love this cover up so much I have it in blue as well. The off the shoulder style is on trend and comfortable. I like my cover ups light but not see thru. I want to be able to wear them in public and feel well covered! This cover up can even be worn as a casual dress. I plan on belting it and adding wedges for an upcoming barbeque. The one I am wearing is sold out but I found more here, here, here, here, here, and here

For our first pool day I wore a plunge one piece. I loved having a bit more coverage but the plunge kept it feeling flirty! The suit and cover up are a great combination for a day poolside drinking yummy drinks and hanging out with the girls. I had to add a hat and lots of sun screen for sun protection (see this post).

Not pictured is the perfect pool bag I found! It's a great price and doubles as a great carry on!

Metallic Sandals, old (more here and here) - Pool Bag
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Packing List: Las Vegas

If you follow my instagram, EverydayK_, you saw that I was in Las Vegas for a Bachelorette Party over Memorial Day Weekend. I spent 4 days and 3 nights in Vegas with 13 of my girlfriends! We had the absolute best time eating, drinking and having a lot of girl time!

Typically, when I arrive home from a trip I have a bit of vacation depression. I'm not someone that is ready to go home, I'm usually having too much fun! Most of the time I wish I had one more day because I never get to see, do or taste everything. Now this isn't quite the case when it comes to Las Vegas. I always have the best time when I go but after a few days I am definitely ready for my own bed. I think four days in Vegas is enough for me. 

I have a few outfit posts coming up from Vegas but today is all about packing! A Vegas trip is an easy time to accidentally overpack. There are so many different types of activities that you could easily pack your whole wardrobe. Once I narrowed down what I would actually be doing in Vegas, a packing list came easy. 

For this trip, our group was going to spend 2 or 3 days at the pool and a fun dinner and going out each night! For day I would just need swimsuits and cover ups and a travel home outfit. The night attire was different each night: dressy, all black and then casual. I broke my list into day and night to make it simpler

Packing List Day:
3 swimsuits
Denim Romper
White Shorts
Floral Top
Jeweled Sandals
Flip Flops (for pool)
Beach Bag (doubled as carry on)

Packing List Night:
2 Casual Rompers** (I like options)
White Heels
Gold Clutch 
Rose Gold Clutch
Navy Clutch
Jeweled Sandals (from day list)

*As you'll see in some upcoming posts, I like my cover ups to be cute enough that I could walk around the hotel or casino during the day. I didn't have to pack as many day clothes because I didn't have to change for lunch or walking around during the day. 

**The extra romper worked for a day outfit in case we went shopping or needed a non-pool outfit.
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Weekend Sales: 6/4

Many sites are having some great sales! Some of the Spring and Summer items you've been lusting over are on sale now. It is a great time to pick up a few things from Anthropologie, Madewell or Nordstroms. I love these sales because it's not the end of the season so you can still wear the items now!

1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11

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Blue Skies

While shopping, I sometimes pick something up based on the style and sometimes its solely on the color! This baby blue makes me think of the sky and flowers and everything else I love! Once I tried it on I was sold. The shift dress fit is something I always am drawn too. The sheer, bell sleeves add a fun detail to the shape too.

The best part of this dress is the price! It is from one of my favorite local boutiques, Lush, and is under $35! At that price you can afford one in every color. I first wore this to my cousin's college graduation and I know I'll be wearing it all summer. Showers, luncheons, church... this dress is appropriate for so many occasions!

Bell Sleeve Dress - Turban Headband, Old (similar here and here)
Platform Sandals, old (similar here)

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A Little 70's Vibe

I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend. I'm currently still recovering from my girls' weekend in Vegas! I have a wonderful group of friends that loves to travel. We have some of the best times together and I love that we all have a bit of wanderlust!

As we start a new month (can you believe it is June?) I'm sharing how I've been styling my wide leg jeans lately. Previously seen here, it just takes a few styling looks to change up the look of the denim. 

With a sleeveless top, your denim is ready for summer. I love that these wide leg jeans are highwaisted. To highlight that feature I tied up my top. This gives the top a crop top vibe which is on trend too. You can easily change up the silhouette of all your tops just by tying it up! I immediately thought of my mom when I tied up my top because I remember her doing this in the 90's. Isn't it great how something so simple can conjure up such a great memory?

I wore this to lunch with a friend a few weeks ago. It can just as easily work for a day of shopping or a casual date. The combo of the wide leg and tied up top made me think 70's and I had to keep the vibe going with heeled mules.

 Yes, this top has lipstick tubes on them so of course it was made for me! It is from last year, so its not available anymore but it is still a summer favorite. A shirt with lipstick definitely calls for a swipe of hot pink lipstick. The matte texture of this one is a modern twist!

Are you into the 70's revival?

Wide Leg Denim - Lipstick Top, old (similar here)
Heeled Mules (more here and here)

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