How to Clean Out Your Closet

While spending so much time at home this past year I, like many of us, have done a lot of organizing. One thing I like to do a few times of the year is to go thru my clothes and donate, sell or throw away anything that isn't working. I find that when my closet is organized, it is easier for me to put together outfits. I know exactly what items I have and I love every item! It is not about getting rid of a certain amount of items, but about only having items that you love and use. Everyone is different in the amount of items they have in their wardrobe and what they will actually use. Some like to wear the same things over and over and others need more variety. As long as items are being worn and used, they deserve space in your closet.

How to Clean Out Your Closet

There are several strategies to cleaning out your closet. If you have the time, I think the best one is to take everything out of your closet to begin. Then you only add back the items that you are keeping. This is the best way to make sure that you look at every item. How do you decide what to keep? I ask myself the questions below! If I say yes to most of the questions, then it goes back in my closet.

If you don't have time for a full closet clean out, start one category at a time. For example, one day go thru all of your dresses, then next time go thru your pants. This will take a bit longer but you will eventually have a clean closet full of items you love!

1. Does it fit correctly?
The first and most critical question is fit. Items that are too big, too small or misshapen do not have a place in your closet. After some wear, items can stretch or lose their shape. Although it takes some time, when I'm going thru my wardrobe I try on any items that I question their fit. If the item can't be altered to fit again, donate it. I also don't keep items that I've grown out of or are now too small. Keeping the pair of jeans that you hope will fit someday takes up room from items that you love!

2. Does it have a place in your current lifestyle? 
Some items are purchased for certain events, dress codes or lifestyles.  Many times a change in jobs can change the needs of your closet. If you believe this change will remain the same for the near future, your closet should reflect that. For example, you probably don't need 6 suits if your dress code at work is casual but one nice suit and a few blazers may fit your needs. 

3. Do you have several of the same or similar items?
Repeat items take up precious closet space. Consider how often you wear that type of item and decided if it makes sense to have several. This is completely personal as to whether you have a need for multiple similar items. I have 3 different black tshirts but I wear all of them and they serve different purposes so I have decided to keep all of them. 

4. Have you worn it in the last year or two?
When going thru my closet, I like to think about what I've been wearing in the last season and see if there any items I didn't wear. Then I think about why didn't wear them and assess whether they should be kept or not. If I haven't worn it for a year or two, usually that's an indication that I have items I like better and can purge the unworn items. There are sometimes exceptions to this question. With staying home so much this year, there are many dressy items I haven't worn. I am still keeping the ones I love because I know I'll wear them once we can go out and do things again.

5. If it was in a store now would you purchase it? 
This is my favorite question to ask. I find it really shows whether you like an item or not or if it fits your current style. Think about your current style and whether this items expresses what you want to project. If its outdated, the trend is over or just not "you" anymore, get rid of it! Keeping this question in my mind has also helped me to buy more classic items. I know I'll wear them forever and won't be getting rid of them in a year or two. 

6. Do you have an emotional attachment to it? 
I allow myself a few items that I have an attachment to! If you are someone that has attachment to a lot of items this could be a slippery slope. For example, I still have the dress I wore to my college graduation. It's a dress I can wear again but I mainly keep it because I bought it for such a special event and it was one of the last items my mom and I went shopping together to pick out. 

Sometimes cleaning and purging can be a hard process. Remind yourself that having a closet of items that you love will make it easier to pick out outfits and get dressed every morning. It also makes room for fun new items!

Kara Krittenbrink

Under $10 Beauty Rx: Nivea Crème Moisturizer Review

I am always trying to balance trying new skincare products but still using my favorites. That means I typically only change up one product at a time. This is also a good strategy when trying to figure out if a product works or has any benefits. If you change too many once you can have a few issues: 1) your skin can react to too many changes, 2) if you have good results you won't know which product(s) is the one working. 

Over the last 4 or 5 months I have been using Nivea's Creme Moisturizer after a friend suggested it to me. It is what I would call a "no frills" moisturizer. Meaning that it doesn't have any extra ingredients or actives that do anything but moisturize. I rely on my serums and oils to have active ingredients so all I need from my moisturizer is to moisturizer.

Nivea Creme Moisturizer Review

Nivea Creme Moisturizer Review

The Creme Moisturizer is meant for both your face and body. This actually worried me at first because I thought that it would either be too rich and thick for my face and clog my pores or not rich enough for my body. Magically it is neither of those! The Moisturizer is thick which makes it seem like it wouldn't spread well. Once warmed up in your hands for a second, it thins just enough and spreads evenly. 

The moisturizer locks in everything! It provides a thick layer to seal in all of the products put on your skin before, like a barrier. My dry, wintery skin has really benefitted from the intense moisture. I can get dry flaky patches on my chin during this time of year. The flakes have been few and far between during the last few months I've been using it. I've used many other higher end moisturizers and this one works as good, if not better. 

For most people this moisturizer is probably best as just a nighttime option. Because of the thickness it takes a bit of time to soak in so wearing it at night is best. Sometimes I even mix it with my face oil and then apply it.

How to Use Nivea Creme Moisturizer

Face: The Creme Moisturizer should be used as the last step in your skincare routine.  Take a little less than a quarter size amount and rub it in your hands. The warmth of your hands thins the creme slightly so it is easier to spread. Then apply it to your face and neck in an upwards motion. Let it soak in and you are done!

Body: Warm in your hands first and apply like any body lotion. 
Kara Krittenbrink

Best Purchases of 2020

 I think most of us would like to put 2020 behind us. It came with new challenges for all of us. Some of the things I will be taking into the new year are the following purchases I made in 2020. It is a bit of a random collection but I use each one all the time. Many have been featured on Everyday K before but some are new to the blog. I only featured products that are still available for purchase.

1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 121314 - 15

Organizing Purchases

While we were stuck at home this year, I, like many others, spent some time organizing. The first thing I started with was my clothes and shoes. I invested in this dresser to upgrade my bedroom. Not only is it a beautiful piece that I'll love for awhile, but it has a lot of storage space. What I like most is the different size drawers. The top, shorter drawers are perfect for jewelry and other small accessories. I didn't stop there. To organize my shoes, I bought these clear plastic bins. Since they stack, I doubled the amount of space in my closet for shoes. Then to organize headbands and hair accessories, these round bins hold everything!

To keep your life organized, I can't recommend a Golden Coil planner more! It is completely customizable from the cover, to each page. You can also upload important dates to be added to the calendar. I bought my first one last year to use as a planner for Everyday K and it was so helpful. This year I have purchased one for work and one for the blog. But you could easily just use one for everything!

Fashion Purchases

Along with staying home most of the time, comes loungewear. This post has my favorite sets that I found but this sweatshirt and pants are my #1. I can admit that I wear the set about once a week and it just gets softer after each wash! These tennis shoes are worn even more than the set and they are covered in glitter. I keep thinking I should get another pair!

Combat boots are one a trend I was excited to try this Fall. I splurged and bought these Tory Burch boots for myself for my birthday. I didn't actually wait for my birthday and started wearing them as soon as the weather cooled down. I didn't know often I would wear them but I've been pleasantly surprised that they go with so many outfits! They also come in 2 solid colors.

Beauty Purchases

Some of the simplest purchases can be the best. This silicone mat protects surfaces from your hot tools. As a bonus the tools can also go in the pocket while it is hot so you don't have to wait for it to cool to pack or put it away.

I love this exfoliating cloth and after using a few times I bought it as a gift for some friends. This cloth can be used with any soap you like and is gentle enough to be used everyday. I did a full review here. Another item that was worth its own review is The Ordinary Peel. I use this product at least once a week! 

Dry skin is a constant issue for me, this Nivea Creme is worth its weight in gold for how well it moisturizes my face and body. I am working on a full review that will be posted in the next few weeks but for now, just take my word that your face and body will thank you!

Kara Krittenbrink