Welcome to New York It's been Waitin' for You

New York City is easily my favorite place to travel to in the United States. It's a place I never want to leave and don't go nearly often enough. I've never visited at Christmas before so I jumped at the chance.

To Do

This post is mainly focused on things to do during Christmas time. There isn't really anywhere you can go in Manhattan that isn't decorated for Christmas! My first piece of advice to someone would be to pick a neighborhood and just walk around! This is the best way to experience the city. 

Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree - This almost goes without saying but this tree is a must see! It is a top spot to visit so go early in the morning or late at night. 

Bryant Park Christmas Market - There are 3 Christmas markets in the city and this one was a favorite with its great mix of different shops and vendors. They also have a skating rink in the center and great food vendors.  The tree here is also a stand out!

Store Window Christmas Displays - Each year some of the major retailers create the most gorgeous window displays. There are tons of displays all along the city but an abundance are on 5th avenue. I recommend Saks, Bergdorf Goodman's, Tiffany & Co and Henri Bendel. 

Dyker Park Christmas Lights - A neighborhood in South Brooklyn is famous for going all out with outdoor Christmas lights. You can easily walk around the neighborhood at your own pace and see all the lights. 

Central Park - Bundle up and explore the park! There is so much to see and you can really spend days exploring it, make sure to check out the ice rink.

Grand Central Station - A must see anytime you are in NYC but especially gorgeous with its Christmas decor. Great Christmas shopping as well!

Color Factory - This is a short term interactive art installation. It's a lot of fun with lots of great photo ops. Check out their instagram


I always struggle with where to stay in Manhattan. I love several different areas and don't want to spend too much of my time traveling throughout the city. After some research and actually cancelling our first hotel, we ended up staying in midtown at the U Hotel For a hotel in a city like New York, my requirements are location, safety, cleanliness and comfortable bed. For me, this isn't the place to have a spacious room. The location was great for our trip at Christmas because it was in between the areas we wanted to visit. 


Bread's Bakery - I will dream about the Rugelach. Everything at the bakery is carb heaven!

 Joe's Pizza - An NYC institution, so there will always be a line. My recommendation would be take a slice to go as you walk thru and explore the streets. Bonus points if its late at night!

Ippudo - Ramen at its finest! Depending on which location you go to they have several types of ramen with traditional add ins. Expect a wait, but its well worth it. 

Serra - Every Holiday season, Eataly turns the top floor of its building into a pop up holiday restaurant. The decor alone is worth going but the pasta is outstanding as well. This will really put you in the Holiday mood.

Black Tap - This place is insta famous for its over the top milkshakes. We went for brunch, which I wouldn't recommend but the burgers are supposed to be amazing. You can't leave without atleast having a shake (even if its only for the gram)!

Shake Shack - Fast food isn't typically on my travel guide lists but this place is my favorite and I fell in love with it first in NYC. I always have to go back atleast once when I'm there. 

The Smith - We went for the mac and cheese but I fell in love with the butternut squash and goat cheese salad. The have lots of great american classics and great seasonal cocktails. 

Momoya - Famous for their crispy rice roll, they also have several other unique signature rolls, cooked dishes and tempting appetizers. 

What else do you need to know about NYC? Comment below!
Kara Krittenbrink

Sweaters and Shimmer

Sometimes you find an outfit combination that works and stick with it. Many of my favorite fall outfits consist of a skinny pant, tunic top and booties. This may seem boring when you first read it but there are endless combinations to create. Depending on the material I can create an outfit for a night out, work or just a casual day of errands. 

Another combination I'm loving is a casual sweater, midi skirt and heel. For the holiday season, I like one item in the outfit to be elevated and my favorite way is to add some shimmer! Sequins, glitter or just a little sparkle, who doesn't love some shimmer. 

I love this outfit combination for a Holiday date night or even Christmas with your family! 

Outfit 1 - one // four // seven

Outfit 2 - two // five // eight

Outfit 3 - three // six // nine

Kara Krittenbrink