June 13, 2017

Beauty Rx: Blinc Mascara

Next to lipstick, mascara is my favorite makeup product. I love long dark lashes and mine are so light so I always am wearing mascara. I think it instantly makes me look more awake and feel prettier. I've tried so many mascaras and even reviewed some of my favorites here

My one big issues is mascara smearing, smudging and coming off when I didn't want it to. At the end of a long day, I typically would have a bit of darkness under my eyes from my mascara. Also, after a sweaty workout I would always worry that I would have mascara smears everywhere. While I was looking for a mascara that would solve these problems I remembered a close friend of mine had been recommending blinc mascara to me for awhile but I had never tried it. She said that it stayed put unlike any other mascara, which is exactly what I need.

Rarely do I love something when I first try it, but blinc mascara was the exception. It goes in really smooth and dark and lengthened my eyelashes. The brand recommends that you coat both the top and bottom of your lashes so I did one swipe on the top of my lashes and then 2-3 swipes below. Once the mascara is on there, it isn't going anywhere! The mascara creates these tubes around your lashes that don't smear or smudge. In fact, if you get any of the mascara on your skin while applying it, you let it dry and then it immediately wipes off without any black left behind. 

I really have put this blinc mascara to the test! In one long day I worked a full day, cried, and had a very sweaty workout without any issues of mascara not where it was supposed to be! I really couldn't believe at first. I've even forgotten to take it off at night and not had any smears on my face when I woke up the next morning.

The worry with a mascara that stays on that well would be how to get it off. The first time I wore it, I was sure it would be difficult to take off or take my eyelashes off with it. That is not the case with this mascara. To take it off you splash some warm water on your lashes. Once you've done that a few times you just use your fingers or a wash cloth and wipe off the mascara "tubes". They really come off in little black tubes! It is a bit weird the first time you take off the mascara but I quickly got used to it and love it!

June 8, 2017

White Hot Summer

We are definitely in the middle of wedding season! I have recently recieved several invites and also have a couple bachelorette parties coming up! If you are a bride, I'm sure you are in the middle of looking for several white outfits for Showers, parties and the rehearsal dinner. Now I'm not someone that thinks the bride has to wear white for all the events but it can be fun! 

I've scoured some of my favorite stores and found some white pieces that will be great for all the wedding events but you will still want to wear after you are a Mrs!

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1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9

June 6, 2017

Look for Less - Embroidered Dress

I love finding alternate options for pricier items! I put together a look for less here that I think is pretty similar! Can you tell which side is more expensive? The right side has is the less expensive option!  

Both of these outfits would be great for so many summer activities! Brunch, vacation, baby shower, causal date or whatever you are up to. 

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May 30, 2017

Suit Up

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I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day Weekend! Mine was pretty relaxed which was a nice change of pace. I will be moving soon so I packed lots of boxes. I did manage to get out and enjoy the weather a little bit by hanging out poolside and going to the zoo.

With the beginning of Summer, I know its only the beginning of my time spent poolside. I also have a couple trips coming up that will require me to pack some swimsuits. I like to add one or two swimsuits to my collection each Summer. Each season one pieces get more stylish than the last. I've pulled together several of my favorites. A few of these I have ordered and ore on their way to my house. I like trying swimsuits on at my house and then send back the ones that aren't my favorites!

Have you tried the one piece trend?

May 15, 2017

Oversized Bows on Toes

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If you've followed Everyday K for awhile you know I love bow details! While bows aren't anything new, the oversized bow is an update to the look. I've been especially drawn to the oversized sometimes floppy bows on shoes. Sandals, mules, slides and heels all are updated with this detail. 

I think these will have to be mine very soon! The block heel will be comfortable and go with all of my favorite summer dresses. These flats will dress up any outfit. 

In the summer I live in breezy comfy outfits on the weekends! These slides will go with all of the casual shorts and dresses I love to wear. 

What do you think of the oversized bow trend?