October 9, 2018

Sweaters Under $100

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I can see sweater weather on the horizon! On my trip last week it was Fall weather and I loved being apple to wear a few of my favorite sweaters and jackets. Now that I'm back in Oklahoma, its still too warm to wear any sweaters but that doesn't stop me from shopping for some. I've pulled together some great ones all under $100. You don't have to spend alot to have great pieces for this Fall and Winter. 

October 2, 2018

Paris in Green


 If you’ve seen my instastory lately you may have notice I’m on a trip. Our first 24 hours was spent in Paris. While that is not nearly enough time to really see Paris, my friend and I had a great time seeing what we could and having a great French meal.

As soon as we got to our apartment, I was very excited to get out of my travel clothes. This top felt like the perfect piece to wear in Paris! Apart from the print, my favorite part of the top is the bow tie at the neckline. I kept the look simple with some skinny jeans and comfortable shoes. On trips with lots of walking, my footwear is the most important part of any outfit. Nothing can ruin a trip more than uncomfortable shoes!

This top is also great for a business casual environment as it goes well with jeans, slacks and skirts! It layers well too so you can add a jacket or cardigan when the weather cools off. I wore this outfit last week for brunch and just switched the flats for heels.

September 28, 2018

Plane Beauty Routine

Traveling, in any form, can wreak havoc on your hair and skin. A flight can take a particularly big toll on everything. The dry, recycled plane air dries my skin out and even can cause me to break out. When I'm on longer flights, I have a few things that I like to do to counter the effects of the dry air.

Take off all Makeup - If I'm wearing makeup, I take all of it off immediately! You don't need anything clogging up your pores. Washing your face isn't a simple task on a plan so it may be a good idea to do it in the airport barthroom before you board. Or you can do what I do and use micelar water and a cottons swab. I use micelar water everyday to remove make up and wash my face. On a plane, you can use it without leaving your seat!

Apply an Eye Serum - The skin around your eyes is really delicate and can dry out even faster than the rest of your skin. The current serum I'm loving is this one from Tula. What I love most about it is the applicator. The metal tip is cool and it, along with the serum, helps with puffiness. It also just feels really good.

Oil Up - I have talked a few times about my love for this Vitamin C Serum/Oil. It is one of the few items I always take with me when I travel. Even when I'm wearing little or no makeup, this oil gives me a glow and because it is from Beauty Counter, I know it is a safe and clean product. So its not shocking that I immediately slather on a fair amount when on a plane. I apply it all over my face and on my neck and hands

Add Moisture - Moisture, Moisture, Moisture! Now I add a barrier to protect my skin and add moisture. The best thing to do this is a really moisturizing mask! The Colleen Rothschild Intense Hydrating mask is magic and really makes my skin glow. I like to put it on and keep it on the whole flight! Another reason this mask is great is that it doesn't look like you have a mask on, so you won't scare anyone on the plane with you! You don't have to wash it off either so I like to keep it on during the whole duration off the flight.

Do you have anything you do to help your skin survive a flight?

September 18, 2018

White after Labor Day

Some of my favorite outfits come together with basic pieces. I've said it before but neutral colors don't have to be boring. When you add interesting textures or shapes, you can still have a creative outfit.

I recently picked up this off the shoulder top. At first I was worried I wouldn't wear it much since I was buying it at the end of summer but I've already worn it several times. I also think it will get me thru fall by just adding a jean or leather jacket!

September 14, 2018

What I'm ready to wear this Fall

  I'm one that always loves a change of season. There is something new and refreshing about a change in the weather. We've already had a few days of cooler weather that have gotten me in the mood for all things Fall. I love all season mainly because I love all the changes, especially in fashion. I don't think I could live anywhere that doesn't have all 4 seasons. 

I've put together a list of some Fall looks I'm looking forward to the most.

Denim Jackets
There may be nothing that says Fall to me more than a denim jacket. It's best use is to put over some of your summer tops and dresses. I love how it can dress down an item and make it more casual. 


I love leather in all forms: jackets, pants, skirts and tops. It can add edge to any outfit and is a basic at the same time. Some people may think they can't pull off some leather pieces but I think it is all about the styling!


 Although camel really can be worn year round, it really makes me think of Fall! I love a look like this pic that is made up of all basics but is still interesting. I've been on the hunt for a camel skirt to add to my fall and winter wardrobe. I also would love a camel cashmere sweater.