Beauty RX: Texture Spray

One question I seem to get quite often is what products I use in my hair. I'm relatively low maintenance when it comes to hair products. While styling my hair I typically only use one maybe two products. Unless I have freshly washed hair, I will use dry shampoo. This has been a staple in my hair arsenal for over a decade. My super thick hair is incredibly time consuming to blow dry so I love anything that can keep me from washing it a day or two more!

Since I don't use many, a hair product has to be pretty incredible for me to consider it a must. A few years ago I received a sample of this texture spray.  After experimenting with it I realized this is the hair product I've been missing! It creates the perfectly un-perfect style I'm always trying to achieve.

Texture spray is a dry spray that does exactly what the name sounds like, it adds texture. Unlike dry shampoo, texture spray isn't just applied to the roots. Texture spray can be sprayed all along your hair, from root to ends. It sprays in a fine mist and doesn't leave any residue or weight to your hair. It works well on about any hair texture or length. Since it doesn't have any weight, texture spray is great for adding volume and movement to your hair. Unlike most hair sprays, you can still run your fingers thru your hair after you use it. I've listed it on almost every hair tutorial that I've done.

How To Use Texture Spray

You are probably now asking when you should use texture spray. With its versatility you can use it for tons of styles. For curls that last, it helps to know how to use texture spray when curling hair. Before you curl your hair, spray a light mist. This will add roughness to your strands which will help them curl. It also helps create the messy, beachy waves look. (See how I curl my hair with it here). It also helps revive second or third day curls. Spray it all over by lifting large sections and spraying throughout your whole head. Spraying it lightly will add some volume. The more concentrated you apply it the more defined your look will be. This works on straight hair as well! It is important to start with a small amount the first time you use it. If you use too much, it may weigh down your hair instead of adding volume.

Braids can also benefit from texture spray (see here). Before braiding spray a bit of texture spray on the strands. Your braid will be thicker! The grip the spray adds to your hair will also help the braid stay in place. Smaller pieces won't slip out. Once your hair is braided and tied off spray it again with the texture spray. Then pull on the individual strands to thicken the look of the braid (this is called pancaking). 

Texture spray will also add interest to a ponytail. There really is a ton of versatility with this product so take some time and experiment with your hair and see what it can do. 

My Favorite Texture Sprays

Texture sprays have become more common lately and there seems to be one at every price point! The Rusk texture spray is my favorite. The cost is middle of the road but worth every penny! Oribe makes incredible hair products and I've heard great things about their dry texturizing spray. This OUAI Texturizing Spray also absorbs oil so I think it would be like a hybrid of a texturizing spray and a dry shampoo!

Let me know if you use texture spray an what other hair products you consider a must have!
Kara Krittenbrink

Dress + Sneaker Pairing

The last few weeks I shared some of my favorites dresses (here) and sneakers (here). Both can be worn with countless other things, I have been combining the two. If you follow me on instagram you've seen evidence in a lot of my recent OOTDs. I have had some questions about how I pair dresses with sneakers so today I'm posting a few of my favorite combinations to provide some inspiration using mainly items from the precious posts!

There really are no rules with how to put together dresses and sneakers. If it's out of your comfort zone (like it originally was for me) then sometimes a little inspiration can help. 

This is my favorite board because both dresses look good with either sneaker. A denim dress will look great with almost any pair of sneakers. Prints, textures, bright colors and neutrals look equally chic with denim. For an impact, I love the combination of this hot pink dress and tie dye sneakers. This look is dressy enough for nicer events. I think it would be especially cute for brunch or a shower. 

An easy way to coordinate is sticking within the same color palette. For example, if a dress has warm colors, like coral, then find sneakers with warm colors like the pink and red in these. It's okay that the colors don't match exactly, the fact that they are in the same color family means they'll coordinate. I also love the contract of the athletic shoes with the dressy outfit.

These glitter sneakers do make a statement but I've been wearing them with everything! I would wear them with any of the dress in this post

Print mixing can sometimes be intimidating. One combo I will always love is leopard and basic stripes. Both prints are classics but when combined become a fashion forward look. 
Kara Krittenbrink

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

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It is time again for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I know it is a really crazy time right now and many of us aren't shopping at all or at least cutting back on our spending. There are many more important things happening in this world than a sale. But in case you are interested, I wanted to put together on comprehensive post on it. This one will be saved on the top of the site for you to come back to during the sale. I will also update it with any new items that are added. 

If you have shopped the sale in years past you may find that some things look pretty similar. A lot of the shoes and sweaters are very similar from year to year. Many brands feature the same product each year just the new season's version. So if you have purchased some items in the past you will see the new version. The great thing is that you know the items are still in style!

First, you'll have to find out when you can shop. The chart below shows the dates of the sale. If you have a Nordstrom card, you'll need to look up your status to see when your early access starts. The chart below has all the dates listed. What is great that this year you can preview whats on sale. If you find some things you like, save then in your wishlist and then when your shopping window opens, you'll be able to easily add them to your cart. 

What makes this sale a little different than others is that pre-season items are on sale. Which means a lot of Fall/Winter items are on sale now. When the sale is over they will go back to their regular price.

I look at this sale in two ways. It can be a good time to stock up on a few Fall items you'll need or it can be a great time to get a splurge worthy item or two at a better price. Many of the items I bought in years past are things I still love and will wear for years. Jeans are a great item to get during this sale! 


We all know a classic black dress is always needed in your wardrobe. Work functions, dinner, a night out, weddings, the list goes on and on of events that a black dress is appropriate for. Many times when I am uninspired on what to wear, I go to a black dress because I know it will be flattering and stylish.  I love the mixed materials and pleated skirt on this one. 

One of my favorite items on sale are the Spanx faux leather leggings. I wear them at least once a week in the Fall and Winter. They are always on my must buy list for the cooler weather because they fit so well, are flattering and can be dressy or casual!

Beyond black dresses, the sale has some great fall dresses. This red and white midi dress is beautiful and would pair so well with these white booties! This blue print dress is a great transitional dress. I'd wear it now with my sparkle sneakers from this post and then when it gets colder, layer a sweater over it and add booties.

Madewell makes my favorite jeans! I have several pairs including these black ones. During the Fall and Winter I think I wear my black jeans more than my blue denim. Paired with a black bootie or heel, they create a long lean line and are so flattering. Black jeans can also add a bit of edge to an outfit!

Vince makes some of my absolute favorite sweaters! They are incredibly soft, flattering and stylish. They are made with high quality fabrics so will last for years. This brand is definitely a splurge but I try to get one nice new sweater a year to add to my wardrobe, knowing I will have it forever. 

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Last year I was on the search for a pair of white booties. It took awhile to find a pair I love that looked high quality and the leather didn't have too much shine. This pair is very similar to the ones I bought. What I've loved most about a white bootie is how you can wear them thru most seasons.  These croc heels are another great transitional item. They come in four colors and the blush is really tempting! Another blush item I love are these slip-ons. Cole Haan shoes are so comfortable too!

I wish I need a new tote because I am loving this Clare V. leopard one. It's a great size to carry everything and has options to carry it crossbody or with two handles. The leopard isn't calf hair so it will last longer and not wear as easily.

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This lip kit is included in this sale almost every year. Last year I bought it and completely fell in love with the color. The color Pillow Talk is well known as the perfect nude lip color that looks good on everyone and so far I believe the claim because I haven't found anyone that doesn't look good in it. 

Kate Sommerville's Exfolikate is one of my favorite exfoliants. Nothing makes my skin softer and smoother and you don't need to use it that often. This post shares how I use it. It is a bit pricey so I typically buy the small tubes and use sparingly but I plan to get this big tube so that I will have it for the next year. 

Supergoop is basically the only brand of sunscreen I buy! The 3 pack of the antioxidant sprays is a great deal and will get you way past the rest of the summer. And since my skin never sees the sun, I am always using this tanning foam. I mention the foam here as well. 
Kara Krittenbrink

Statement Sneakers

The fact that sneakers and tennis shoes are one of the biggest trends right now is no coincidence. I've shared a lot recently about how I've been dressing more causal lately. One of the biggest changes I've made is my footwear. I have completely embraced wearing sneakers with almost everything!

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 Until this last year, I never wore sneakers outside the gym unless I was on a vacation. I had one pair of casual sneakers to wear for those few instances. A few months ago, I purchased this pair to try out this trend. I was wearing them so much that I wanted another pair and bought these glittery ones!

My favorite combination is dresses and sneakers! It really has become my go to for pretty much every occasion I've had lately. All of the dresses in this post would look great with sneakers. I love the touch of leopard on this pair paired with a sophisticated dress. It can be a bit intimidating to pair dresses and sneakers. A simple formula to begin with is keeping one item simple and the other item can be more of a statement. Ex. A denim or solid colored dress with this leopard pair. I will admit, as I have become comfortable with this look, I've broke this rule and mix patterns and colors.

If you are just getting into wearing sneakers, then I would highly recommend this white pair, this gold pair or this pair with the blush stripe! All three of them would go with most items in your wardrobe. They'll be easier to incorporate with dressy or casual items. By contrast, if you want something colorful, this tie dye pair and this bright pair will make a statement. My favorite pair are these, which are definitely a splurge but the mix of textures make the neutral colors really pop!
Kara Krittenbrink