OOTD Vol. 2

Summer always has in the mood for denim! After sharing my outfits over the last couple weeks, I realized I've been incorporating it into almost all of my casual and weekend outfits. As you'll see in the links below Madewell and JCrew are my favorite places to find denim pieces. 

JCrew Denim Dress (similar here and here) - Gucci Purse 

 Gucci Purse - Frye Sandals, Old (similar here)

Gucci Purse -Frye Sandals, Old (similar here)

Kara Krittenbrink

Target Purchases Vol. 1

Like I mentioned in this post, I want to start sharing some purchases I've made lately. They may seem a little random but it is what has been purchased lately. This round up include a few items my roommates bought. I mean who can you trust more to give great recs than your best friends?

1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9

1. Who What Wear Maxi Skirt - The ultimate dress up or down piece. Throw on with a tee and sneakers for brunch or day time and then add a silky cami and heels for date night. 

2. Revlon Cushion Lip Tint - This has become my go to summer color. My summer makeup is always easier and more relaxed.  The cushion applicator gives the look of a stain and you can easily control the intensity of the color as well. The look is like you just had a popsicle and stained your lips, and I mean that in the best way. In a pinch I've even used it as blush!

3. Stars Above Pajama Set - In this Oklahoma heat, the last thing I want is to be warm at night. This set is soft, cool and a little sexy while not trying too hard.

4. & 6.  Joy Lab Tie Dye Bra & Leggings - One of my roommates just became a cycle bar instructor! She's always someone I go to for athleisure and work out recs. She bought this set and I've been wanting it ever since! You can wear the bra as a top or throw a tank on over it.

5. Dove Dry Shampoo As someone that uses dry shampoo on an almost daily basis I am always trying new ones. This is by far my favorite drug store dry shampoo. It really soaks up the oil in my hair and the smell is my favorite. 

7. A New Day Shift Dress - One of my roommates is amazing at finding great deals. If you need some easy summer items that are easy to pack, get this dress ASAP. I love a dress that is fitted enough to give shape but doesn't cling to you. 

8. Champion Tie Back Tank - Lately, I have been trying to create a better work out wardrobe. I hadn't bought any pieces in awhile. I stumbled upon this tank and bought it in 2 colors. It fits well and you can tie the back or leave it loose, depending on how you want it that day!

9. A New Day Nylon Tote - I've been in need of a new tote that could work as both a gym bag and pool bag. I wanted something stylish with a couple zippered pockets that is easy to clean. The side pockets on this bag hold so much and keep you organized while the middle holds everything you need. I've packed for the office and gym in this bag and still had room. A few days after I bought this bag one of  my roommates loved it so much she bought one for herself!

What have you been purchasing from Target?
Kara Krittenbrink

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

If you follow any other bloggers, I'm sure you have seen everyone posting about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. It really is always a great sale with lots of quality items I end up loving. I love that it is pre-season items that are on sale but sometimes it is hard to shop for things I can't wear/use yet. 

A goal I have had this year is to cut down on the number of items I purchase. I have focused on buying quality over quantity, which means I may not be spending less money overall but I am trying to really love everything I purchase! I have done a few months of spending blackouts which has helped me create new habits. I'm working on a full post on this but with this mentality I wanted to post only a few quality items that I really love from this sale. 

Sometimes so much is on sale it can feel overwhelming and like you need to buy everything. My strategy is to either find a few basics I need or a fun splurge item. When I'm focused, I'm always happier with my purchases!

Jacquard Leopard Skirt - Pleated Leopard Skirt - Tory Burch Purse
Charlotte Tilburry Lip Set - Nars Lip Crayons  - Leopard Dress 
Grey Tennis Shoes - Nike Tennis Shoes - V Neck Sports Bra 
Spanx Leather Leggings - Madewell Jeans

My number one recommendation would be to purchase the Spanx Leather Leggings! In the Fall and Winter I wear them atleast weekly! They can be dressed up or I've paired them with tennis shoes on travel days. 

The items I purchased are the leopard dress, grey tennis shoes and Charlotte Tillbury Lip set! I may also buy another pair of my favorite 
Madewell Jeans and this fun sports bra.

The sale is also a great time to stock up on skincare items you already buy or something you have wanted to try.

Kiehl's Overnight Serum - Supergood Sunscreen with Vitamin C
St. Tropez Original Bronzing Mousse - Supergoop Setting Spray
Neulash Eye Lash Growth Serum - Super Goop Setting Powder Sunscreen

Are you shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Kara Krittenbrink

Amazon Purchases Vol 1

I think most of us have places we typically shop. Whether it is groceries, cosmetics, clothing etc... most of us are creatures of habit. Like many, I find myself shopping at Amazon and Target on  an almost weekly basis. I'm always interested to see what people buy and what cool, interesting products they've found. So I'm starting a series where I'll occasionally share items I've bought or have been recommended to me from Amazon & Target. 

1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10

1. CRZ Yoga Legging - At less than $30 these legging seem to good to be true. My roommate bought a pair and when she had them on, I didn't they weren't a more expensive brand. They fit great and the material is super soft!

2. Heart Shaped Sunglasses - I'm fully aware these glasses are a little extra but at $10 they make such a fun summer accessory. I first bought the black pair but now own the white and red too. 

3. 6 Pack Thongs - For a simple cotton thong, you can't beat the price of these! They fit well and lay pretty smooth. 

4. Apple Watch Band - I don't actually own an Apple watch but both of my roommates do and love them. These bands come highly recommended. I love how affordable they are so you can buy a few to match different outfits!

5. & 9.  Hydro Flask Handle & Hydro Flask Water Bottle - Hydro Flask water bottles are really some of the best. They are sturdy, keep your drink cold and are so durable. These handles make them so much easier to handle and carry around. 

6. Tanning Mitt - I'm not sure how it took me so long to discover a tanning mitt. Whether you use foam, lotion or oil this tanning mitt makes your self tanner go on so much smoother. I have so many fewer streaks and missed spots. It also saves your hands from the dreaded orange look!

7. Ice Roller - Everyone needs an ice roller! I bought one because I had read that it helps your face serums and products work better. Now I use it for so many reasons. In the morning if I'm puffy or swollen I'll roll my whole face for a few minutes. The key to rolling is to always roll in an upword motion. The ice roller is great for headaches too!

8. Ultra Supportive Sports Bra - I'm always looking for supportive sports bras. They can be so expensive that it is hard to buy more than one. For under $35 this bra provides a lot of support with no wires.

10. Cole Haan Sandal - I love these sandals so much I bought them in two colors and have talked about them so much several of my friends have bought them! They are Cole Haan so you know they are comfortable and they are also so cute. My basic black pair goes with everything and the gold pair are just dressy enough. I always pack a pair for any vacation and I believe both pairs will be going to Italy with me later this Summer. 

Kara Krittenbrink