Fall Must Have: Long Vest

I'm going to interrupt my Napa and San Francisco's posts today. Instead I'm sharing one of my Fall must haves. Vests are the perfect third piece for Fall. A third piece is the third outfit element besides your shirt and bottom (or dress). It can be a sweater, vest, jacket, blazer or statement accessory. This item typically adds lots of interest and character to an outfit. A third piece takes a simple outfit and elevates it! Jeans and a white t-shirt is a classic outfit. Add a statement necklace or vest to it and now it is something special!

Vests are typically one of the first Fall pieces I pull out. I love all types of vests but my current must have is a long vest. I've already worn my black one similar to this one several times. It pairs well with dresses, pants and skirts as well as denim. I've relied on it several times for a quick outfit. T-shirt, jeans, booties and vest and I'm out the door in a minute! It's safe to say that you'll be seeing my vest in several upcoming posts!

Beyond the basic black, I love this extra long grey vest! I've never been one to stick to the no white after labor day rule, especially in Fall pieces like this white vest or this winter white vest. You don't have to stick to neutral colors for the vest to be versatile. This hunter green one looks great with about any color too! Burgundy is always a favorite color for Fall, I love this casual version

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Kate Spade Surprise Sale

It is time once again for the Kate Spade surprise sale! You can get up to 75% off handbags, wallets, clothes, shoes and jewelry! There are some great finds and if you are looking for any of these items, this is the time to scoop them up. Some of the items are Summery and will be great to pull out next year. Many of the items are Fall and Winter appropriate so you can start using them right away!

Here are my favorites!

This classic crossbody will be in style for years to come! It's a great size for the weekend and travel. I love navy as an alternative to black.

This structured bag is my recommendation for a work handbag. It comes in several color combinations but my favorite is the pop of blush. 

 I have been a big fan of backpacks for awhile. I have bought one yet but this one is tempting. I like how the shape is a little different than the typical backpack.

I'm a big fan of Kate Spade's wallets. This shape is my favorite because it is not very bulky. It holds the essentials but won't add a lot of weight to your purse.

 If you need a little black dress, get this one now!! The classic dress will get you thru upcoming weddings and Christmas parties. It is just asking for a sassy pair of heels or a statement earring!
Stripes and a bow? What more can you ask for in a coat! I have a raincoat in this shape and love it. This jacket is nice enough to wear to work or weddings but will also pair with denim.

I've told myself that I don't need another pair of sunglasses, but this pair is so tempting!  

Classic watch with bow details and stripes? Of course it is Kate Spade! This watch is still wearable everyday!

Kara Krittenbrink

Napa in Lace

Our first full day in Napa was full of wine tastings. Driving thru the countryside to the vineyards was so enjoyable. Each vineyard was more picturesque than the other. If I wasn’t driving, I was taking tons of pics and videos. We started at one of the oldest vineyards in the Napa Valley, Beringer. It was the perfect first tour and tasting for us!

As part of the tour we were able to pick grapes off the vine and taste them. It was such a cool experience to taste the different grapes and see how the different grapes would create different wines. It also provided for a great place to take pictures. I’m working on a full rundown of all the places we went in Napa Valley. That should be posted next week!

For now, I’m going to just share my outfit for the first day. The weather in Napa had highs of the mid 70s the whole time we were there and this was the warmest day. I was inspired by the wine and my color palette reflected that. I bought this dress before I even knew I was going to Napa and it ended up being the perfect dress for wine tasting.

Pictures don’t do justice to the pretty lace detail. Lace is again a big trend for Fall. I like the spin on the lace being burgundy instead of your typical white lace. Another plus size to the color is that it wouldn’t matter if I spilled any of the wine! Extra bonus! J The drop waist shape on this dress is something I don’t wear a lot but is becoming a favorite of mine. The shape is so flattering without having to be tight. I also love the flounce on the skirt! I love this one and this tie neck version too!

I initially intended to wear booties with this dress but since the temps were a little warmer than I expected I went with my flat sandals. I love how this dress can be worn with both! When the temps do fall further, I can add booties and even tights! 

Lace Drop Waist Dress - Jeweled Sandals, old (similar here)

Kara Krittenbrink

Packing List: Napa & San Francisco

I've just arrived home from one of my favorite trips ever!! Napa was truly as spectacular as I expected to be. I have plenty of posts planned for the upcoming weeks sharing my outfits, our itinerary and the restaurants and vineyards we visited. To see a few pics you can check out my instagram EverydayK_.

For today's post I'm focusing on what I packed for my trip! We spent 3 days and 3 nights in Napa and one day and night in San Francisco. The weather was expected to be in the 70s during pretty much the whole trip. I was excited to get my first taste of Fall. I always love wearing dresses and so I used this as an opportunity to wear them almost everyday! It's also easier to pack when you only have one item to make an outfit! If what I packed isn't still available I linked similar items. 

Packing List
White Tshirt

Kara Krittenbrink

Review: Essie Gelcouture Nail Polish

I love getting manicures and pedicures! I feel pampered and super girly while I get them. Typically it is something I do with my girlfriends which makes it an even better experience. I feel more polished and put together when I have my nails done.

It can be a bit of a splurge to get my nails done so lately I’ve been trying to keep it to special occasions! I typically get a gel manicure because of how long the color lasts. Many nail polish brands have come out with their own version of gel polish for home use. They typically require a polish, top coat and a UV light. I didn’t want to buy a UV light so I decided to try Essie’s new gelcouture nail polishes.

Essie’s gelcouture line comes in 42 colors and only requires the polish and special top coat. There aren’t any special instructions so even an amateur like me can do it! I picked a deep crimson, Spiked with Style, and decided to give it a whirl. I’ve used it twice now and I love it!!

Essie gelcouture's formula is great! It’s not as thin as some other brands so I found it easier to use and apply. The color is pretty opaque so only two coats are needed. I added a third coat because I wanted the color really dark! Once the color polish is dry, add the top coat! The top coat definitely has the shine factor that salon gel polish has. It’s thick but goes on really smooth! The only real downside to this polish is that it has to dry for awhile like regular polish. It isn’t instantly dry like the gel polish that uses the UV light. For me, this just means I relax on my couch for a little longer and watch some TV! Once it is dry, you are good to go!

Now the biggest thing you want to know is whether it lasts as long as gel polish! After using it twice, I believe it lasts about 12 days in great condition. I didn’t have any chips or issues with the polish! The color looked shiny and I was actually impressed by my nail polish skills!

Only nail polish remover is needed to take the polish off. The Essie gelcouture comes off much easier than typical gel nail polish. I definitely find this a major benefit. Once I take off gel polish from the salon, my nails seem thinner and weaker. My nails were a bit stained after I removed the polish. I’m not sure if that’s because I used such a dark polish. This could be prevented with a base coat.

I definitely recommend buying this polish and I will be purchasing a few more colors soon! I think I want a few more dark colors Fall, maybe a dark green or grey!

Kara Krittenbrink

Grey Vibes

On Monday I shared that I'm heading somewhere that is on my bucket list! I'm currently in Napa with two girlfriends and am having the best time wine tasting. The weather here is gorgeous and really feels like the beginnings of Fall. To keep up with my adventures follow my instagram (EverydayK_) and my snapchat (kkrittenbrink). I'll share what I did in Napa and San Francisco and the outfits I wore in some upcoming posts!

While Napa and San Fran feel Fall like, temperatures in Oklahoma are cooling down but still not quite ready for the booties and scarves look. However, I have been able to wear denim and not be too hot running around all day. While I wait for the cooler days, I can start to pull out some of my favorite Fall colors and share them with you.

A monochromatic look is always an easy way to look chic and pulled together. Grey is one of my favorite colors to wear in Fall and Winter. It pairs as great with blush, cream, navy, and as it does with itself. Grey on grey is understated and with as many shades that there are (insert 50 shades joke here), it's anything but boring!

I love this look for a great date night or a night out with your girls! The skinny jeans balance out the flowiness of the peplum top. The lace texture creates extra interest with the grey on grey. When it cools off, you can throw on a leather jacket! This peplum top is truly one that goes from work to fun. I can see it worn to the office with black wide leg pants and a cardigan or blazer.

Ankle Strap Heels, old (similar here) - Monogram Clutch 
Kara Krittenbrink

How To: Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Yesterday I packed up for my trip tomorrow! I have an early flight tomorrow for somewhere on my bucket list! When I starting packing my makeup it reminded me that I hadn’t cleaned my makeup brushes in a few weeks. I try to clean them ever 2-3 weeks!

It is important to clean your brushes for several reasons. Expensive or cheap, cleaning your make up brushes will keep them in good shape. Your brushes will last longer in the long run if they are cleaned frequently. They will also work better. Make up can build up in the brush and it can make the bristles matted or oily. This will make it harder to get the makeup look you are looking for. Besides dirt, dirty makeup brushes can have bacteria in them. The bacteria can cause break outs and other skin problems.
Now that I’ve convinced you to clean your makeup brushes, let me show you how.

What you Need
Your makeup brushes
Dish Soap
Small Dish

1.       Fill a small dish with water and add a few drops of dish soap.
2.       One at a time swirl your brushes in the water. You may need to push the bristles against the bottom of the dish so you get some friction to get the makeup worked out. Keep swirling until you’ve gotten all the makeup out.
3.       Rinse the brush in running water an then lay on a towel to dry.
4.       Take your second brush and repeat. As the water gets dirty you may need to change it out for clean water.
5.       Once dry, fluff the bristles against your hand to return them to their shape.

Tips: Don’t let the water get up in the brush handle. This can cause the glue in the handle to loosen and you’ll lose bristles.

Do not stand the brush up while drying. This will also cause water to get in the handle and loosen the glue.
Kara Krittenbrink

The Perfect Travel Bag

I’m so excited for an upcoming trip next week. I’ve been planning outfits in my head for the past week. I try to pack smart and not overpack. One thing I always bring when traveling is a great crossbody bag, it’s the perfect travel bag! Whether you are exploring the sights, finding new restaurants or exploring a new neighborhood, it’s important to have your hands free. A crossbody bag allows you to have everything you need for the day with you but it’s easier to carry around than other types of handbags. I prefer a small crossbody, that just holds the essentials: wallet, lipstick, sunglasses, phone, and gum.  

A small crossbody, in a neutral color, can go from sightseeing to dinner so it can be the only purse you need for a trip. A tan crossbody, like this one and this one, can be carried all four seasons. I love this foldover shape. You can tuck in the straps and carry it as a clutch at night.

A crossbody with a print can still be neutral too! The tan and black spotted print will go with about anything. For a basic black crossbody, I love this one and the hardware on this one adds a bit of edge.

If you need to hold more than just the basic items, this crossbody holds everything! It also has straps that allow it to be carried as a satchel, adding to it’s versatility. 

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Softest thing I own

Sorry for the radio silence! I took a week off to get my crazy life in order! I have lots of great posts coming up and am back to my normal posting schedule.

I wish you could feel this dress, it is so soft! Feathery, heavenly like a cloud soft! Like so insanely soft that you wish you had a blanket made out of this fabric. It is easily the softest piece of clothing I own! The Lou & Grey clothing line is known for soft, comfortable items but they've outdone themselves with this fabric! Ok, I'm done rambling on about the feel of this dress!

A great casual t-shirt dress is something I'll turn to quite often. It so easy to throw on to run errands or go see friends or whatever! T-shirt dresses are a great way to change up a more traditional casual look of jeans and a t-shirt. You'll feel as comfortable as you wold in a t-shirt but you've stepped it up a bit. The material on this dress is not only soft but on the thicker side. The thickness helps it keep its shape and from being see thru! You don't want to have to wear a slip with something as simple as a t-shirt dress!

You definitely can dress up a t-shirt dress but in this look I kept everything as simple and minimal as possible. I wore this on a busy day when I needed to get ready quickly! I just added one of my pairs of keds, a tassel necklace and simple gold studs and I was out the door! Simple but chic!

Swing T-Shirt Dress - Keds, old (similar here)

Kara Krittenbrink

Labor Day Weekend Sales

I hope everyone has great Labor Day plans! Take some time to relax and spend some of the last days of Summer with your friends and family. Tonight I will be celebrating my dad's birthday with my family. The rest of the weekend will be spent on a short girl's road trip with a few of my besties. Check out my instagram (username EverydayK_) or snapchat (username KKrittenbrink) for what should be some funny pictures!

If you have a little bit of time, check out some of these Labor Day sales! It's a great chance to get some warm weather items on sale. There are also plenty of Fall goods on sale too that will get you prepared for the next season!

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Anthropologie - Extra 40% off sale. I love this lace tank, turban headband, tie front dress and blush romper.

JCrew - Online only, 30% off $200+ and 25% off $125+ with code SHOPMORE. Check out the perfect tie shirt dress, striped midi dress, my white jeans, and a tie front silk top that is perfect for work.   

Gigi New York - 15% off + free personalization + free shipping. I have this clutch and its my absolute favorite! This satchel and this shopper are on my wishlist! 

Madewell - 30% off "Right Now Picks" and 30% off all sale with code DOUBLEUP. This jean vest is a great year round layering piece. I love these lace up flats, button front flare jeans, and lace up shirt.  

Old Navy - Save 50% off all jeans, tees and dresses. This tshirt gives me wanderlust. This basic midi dress pairs with tennis shoes and heels.

Gap - 40% off with code SHINEON. I need this cargo jumpsuit and utility jacket for Fall! This sale is an opportunity to stock up on basic tshirts at a great price. 

Nordstrom - Up to 40% off Summer Styles. I love these logo sandals, this bag, and this off the shoulder top

How are you spending the long weekend?
Kara Krittenbrink