How To: Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Yesterday I packed up for my trip tomorrow! I have an early flight tomorrow for somewhere on my bucket list! When I starting packing my makeup it reminded me that I hadn’t cleaned my makeup brushes in a few weeks. I try to clean them ever 2-3 weeks!

It is important to clean your brushes for several reasons. Expensive or cheap, cleaning your make up brushes will keep them in good shape. Your brushes will last longer in the long run if they are cleaned frequently. They will also work better. Make up can build up in the brush and it can make the bristles matted or oily. This will make it harder to get the makeup look you are looking for. Besides dirt, dirty makeup brushes can have bacteria in them. The bacteria can cause break outs and other skin problems.
Now that I’ve convinced you to clean your makeup brushes, let me show you how.

What you Need
Your makeup brushes
Dish Soap
Small Dish

1.       Fill a small dish with water and add a few drops of dish soap.
2.       One at a time swirl your brushes in the water. You may need to push the bristles against the bottom of the dish so you get some friction to get the makeup worked out. Keep swirling until you’ve gotten all the makeup out.
3.       Rinse the brush in running water an then lay on a towel to dry.
4.       Take your second brush and repeat. As the water gets dirty you may need to change it out for clean water.
5.       Once dry, fluff the bristles against your hand to return them to their shape.

Tips: Don’t let the water get up in the brush handle. This can cause the glue in the handle to loosen and you’ll lose bristles.

Do not stand the brush up while drying. This will also cause water to get in the handle and loosen the glue.
Kara Krittenbrink

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