Review: Essie Gelcouture Nail Polish

I love getting manicures and pedicures! I feel pampered and super girly while I get them. Typically it is something I do with my girlfriends which makes it an even better experience. I feel more polished and put together when I have my nails done.

It can be a bit of a splurge to get my nails done so lately I’ve been trying to keep it to special occasions! I typically get a gel manicure because of how long the color lasts. Many nail polish brands have come out with their own version of gel polish for home use. They typically require a polish, top coat and a UV light. I didn’t want to buy a UV light so I decided to try Essie’s new gelcouture nail polishes.

Essie’s gelcouture line comes in 42 colors and only requires the polish and special top coat. There aren’t any special instructions so even an amateur like me can do it! I picked a deep crimson, Spiked with Style, and decided to give it a whirl. I’ve used it twice now and I love it!!

Essie gelcouture's formula is great! It’s not as thin as some other brands so I found it easier to use and apply. The color is pretty opaque so only two coats are needed. I added a third coat because I wanted the color really dark! Once the color polish is dry, add the top coat! The top coat definitely has the shine factor that salon gel polish has. It’s thick but goes on really smooth! The only real downside to this polish is that it has to dry for awhile like regular polish. It isn’t instantly dry like the gel polish that uses the UV light. For me, this just means I relax on my couch for a little longer and watch some TV! Once it is dry, you are good to go!

Now the biggest thing you want to know is whether it lasts as long as gel polish! After using it twice, I believe it lasts about 12 days in great condition. I didn’t have any chips or issues with the polish! The color looked shiny and I was actually impressed by my nail polish skills!

Only nail polish remover is needed to take the polish off. The Essie gelcouture comes off much easier than typical gel nail polish. I definitely find this a major benefit. Once I take off gel polish from the salon, my nails seem thinner and weaker. My nails were a bit stained after I removed the polish. I’m not sure if that’s because I used such a dark polish. This could be prevented with a base coat.

I definitely recommend buying this polish and I will be purchasing a few more colors soon! I think I want a few more dark colors Fall, maybe a dark green or grey!

Kara Krittenbrink

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