Color Crush: Navy

There is something to be said for a color you can wear year round. It is a bonus when the color looks flattering on everyone. Navy really is the most versatile neutral! It is way more than the color of your favorite denim. As we transition to Fall, incorporate more navy with your light Summer clothes to give balance. Adding darker shades to Summer looks makes them more appropriate for cooler temperatures. 

A great pair of heels can take you from work to play. This snakeskin pair adds interest to a typical work look. For a quick outfit put on a white button up blouse, neutral pencil skirt and those heels. Another quick work look is this print dress

If you've read the blog for very long you know I love chambray. A flutter sleeve is a unique spin on the trend. I also love this wrap top! It makes print mixing easy!

The tassel trend is't going anywhere. Rebecca Minkoff debuted more tassel handbags and this crossbody is my favorite! It's the perfect weekend bag to take to brunch, errands or dinner with friends. 

When I was little I had a navy crushed velvet dress that I adored. My mom bought it for me for Christmas one year and it was an instant favorite. I wore it every chance I could get. This tunic makes me nostalgic for that dress and I think is a must for this Fall!


Kara Krittenbrink

Transitioning to Fall with a Floral Top

Loft has been on the top of my list lately! I found so many great pieces and I even had to leave a few behind. I've worn this floral top at least once a week since I bought it. I first paired it with jean shorts and espadrilles to keep it casual for a day of errands. This top looks great both tucked in and not. Tuck this floral top in to a pair of black pants or pencil skirt for a business casual look.

White jeans have a way of making almost any top pop. They have a way of dressing things up a bit more then blue denim. I've never been one to follow the rule "no white after labor day" but I've found it harder to do with my white jeans. I challenged myself to transition this outfit into Fall!

One of the best ways to transition any outfit into the next season is footwear! From Summer to Fall it goes from caged sandals to booties! Booties are one of the first items I bring out when the weather cools a bit. A classic black pair will get you through about anything. This pair is from last year and as of now Kate Spade hasn't brought them back this year. I found a similar pair here!

Besides footwear, adding a layer gets you ready for Fall. The transitional period at the beginning of Fall is harder to dress for. I find that a jacket can be a bit too much. A vest adds warmth and style without keeping you too warm. I love this long vest as a transitional piece. It quickly adds interest to any outfit! I found a similar piece here and here

Black Booties, old (similar here) - Long Vest, old (similar here and here)

Kara Krittenbrink

6 Product Face

When I have the time, I am one of those people that love putting on makeup. It's fun to take the time to use my favorite products. I'm by no means an expert but I have a few looks that I love to do. My daily look is relatively simple, but I realized that I use a fair amount of products. 

I decided to challenge myself to a simple look only using a bare amount of products! At first, I said five products but I ended up needing a sixth (no one is perfect)! My goal was to look fresh, bright and put together. This look is for the days you need to be quick and get out the door fast. I like this for days that I'm just running errands or being real low key. Full disclosure, when I took the picture of this look I had a spray tan the day before!

Most of the time when I work out, I don't wear any makeup. I've found that many times after a work out I want to errands or meet friends for lunch and wish I had a bit of makeup on. Just a bit of polish would be perfect. Because this makeup look has a minimum amount of face products (only concealer) I don't mind sweating in it. 

The Products and Steps
  1. I start off with my morning skin routine (see here).
  2. BareSkin Complete Coverage Serum Concealer (in Fair)- Use this only as needed. For me, I dotted this under my eyes to cover my dark circles. Next cover any redness that you may have, I put some around my nose. Blend this in with a beauty blender (see my review of the beauty blender here). See my review of this concealer here.
  3. Maybelline Brow Drama Pomade Crayon  (in blonde) - Swipe this crayon lightly over your brows. It fills in your brows where they look sparse. Also, the consistency of the product keeps the hairs in place! 
  4. BareMinerals Blush (in cheerful) - Using a fluffy blush brush, swipe blush along the apples of your cheeks.
  5. Too Faced Candlelight Glow Highlighter - Apply it below your brow bone and in the inner corners of your eyes. This step may seem unnecessary to many people and you could skip it. I love how highlighter makes me look awake. You can see my love of highlighters here
  6. Benefit Roller Lash Mascara - Apply mascara! Roller Lash curls your lashes when you apply it, so you can skip the step of using an eye lash curler. I only applied this to my top lashes but feel free to apply it to your bottom lashes as well. I reviewed this mascara here.
  7. Bare Minerals Pop of Passion Lip Oil Balm (in Punch Pop) - Swipe this lip balm on your lips and your done! I can't finish a look without a little color on the lips. This lip balm/lip oil hybrid feels like chapstick but provides a little bit of color. 

Kara Krittenbrink

Simple Look in my Favorite Denim

Has anyone else been living off of iced coffee lately? It's become a ritual for me to grab something cold and caffeinated each afternoon. Starbucks has a new drink with coconut milk that is my new favorite! It tastes like dessert.

This week we had a cool front and the highs were only in the high 80s. I know that doesn't really seem cool, but in Oklahoma it was a much needed break from the 100s! I was finally able to pull some jeans out again and not feel like I would melt. This distressed pair has become my favorite (seen here and here). You can wear them with almost anything, but I particularly like them with neutral colored items. 

I'm typical not great at buying simple tops. My eye is usually drawn to the colorful print or special detail. I've made a point lately to buy some basic items that can be more versatile in my wardrobe. Loft just got some great tops! This white peplum top is great on its own as you can see here. In the Fall, it makes a great layer for your favorite cool weather items. In fact, I know I'll be wearing this outfit on repeat over the next few months. As it cools off, I'll trade the caged sandals for booties and layer a leather jacket or cardigan over the top. 

I found some other great items from Loft this weekend! I was drawn to a lot of peplum like this top and this tiered t-shirt. This button down is a great piece for a business casual look or with some white denim! This swing dress may be the softest item I own. You'll see it featured in a later post!

Caged Sandals, old (similar here) - Denim, old (similar here)
Kara Krittenbrink

Spray Tan Tips

I'm a proud member of the porcelain skin club. I gladly slather on sunscreen anytime I'm outside. Even if you aren't as fair as me sunscreen is a necessity! You've heard all the benefits before so I won't list them again. 

As much as I avoid the sun I still can appreciate a bronzey tan glow! Since I can't get that look on my own, I turn to spray tans. Whenever I have a special event or know I'll be taking a lot of pictures, I book myself a spray tan appointment. It has come a long way since the spray tan booth that Ross goes to (remember that Friends episode?) and comes out looking like a carrot. Now technicians use an airbrush to apply a realistic tan. Many places also have several different colors and darkness levels. 

Since I am really fair complected I always ask for a light tan. I also ask the spray tan technician to blend the color to help get rid of any tan lines I have. Don't be afraid to talk to the technician to make sure you get what you want.

As easy as the spray tan process is, you have to prepare for it. I've put together the tips and tricks I use to make sure I get the best tan possible and that it lasts for as long as possible.

Preparation Tips
  • Research spray tan places and ask people you know for recommendations. When I was looking for a new place to go my friends steered me to Caesar's Tan in Oklahoma City and I've been so happy with it. 
  • Use a light exfoliator all over your body the day before you tan. You want to soften any rough patches and get rid of dry skin. This will help your spray tan go on evenly. 
  • Do not put on any lotion, perfume or deodorant before getting a spray tan. They can create a barrier and the tanning formula won't adhere. If you can't shower right before bring a baby wipe or face towelette to wipe yourself off before. 
  • Shave the day of your spray tan. Shaving after your tan will take some of it off so I try to avoid it as long as possible. 
  • Make sure you have super loose dark clothing to change into after you get the tan. You don't want anything that will rub the tan off. If you wear underwear while getting the tan make sure it is some that you don't mind getting stained. 
  • Manicures and pedicures can take off the tanner so get them before you get your spray tan.
After Tips
  • Don't get your skin wet for at least 8 hours. This includes showering or sweating! I like to get spray tans in the evening and then shower the next morning. 
  • Keep your skin moisturized! I apply lotion twice a day starting after the first post tan shower.
  • Avoid hot water when showering and pat yourself dry. Don't rub!
  • Avoid face products that have exfoliators, salicylic acid or anything else that could take off the tan. 
  • Ask your technician for tips. Each formula needs to be treated differently so get the scoop on your particular spray tan formula.
What do you do to extend your spray tan? 
Kara Krittenbrink

Floral Midi Dress

 I originally bought this floral midi dress during the Nordstrom's sale knowing it would be perfect for Fall. I tucked it away in my closet. Ready to pull it out at the first sign of cooler weather! Booties and a jean jacket pair perfect with the Fall floral. I can even add tights when the weather gets really cool!

 Last week I was looking for something to wear to lunch with my cousin and then to run some errands around town. The excruciating heat here has me wearing only breezy, comfortable clothes. I can hardly stand to let my hair down, thus the top knot has been my latest accessory. I realized this dress could work as well during the summer. Simple, neutral sandals and my go to Tory Burch crossbody made me ready for a busy day. Don't you love when you can wear something basically year round?

After one day in this dress it has become an instant favorite. It's simple, comfortable and stylish. You couldn't ask for more! I love this dress as a casual alternative to my go to jeans. Casual dresses, like this one, allow you to change up your typical casual wear with little effort. 

Floral Midi Dress - Sandals, old (similar here and here)
Crossbody bag, old (similar here)
Kara Krittenbrink

Kendra Scott Fall 2016 and Discount Code

Have you checked out Kendra Scott's Fall 2016 collection? It may be one of my favorite collections to date! It has red jasper, grey granite and lapis as the primary stones throughout the collection. There are gorgeous metal pieces with pave. I've never wanted so many pieces before! 

My favorite pieces have to be the grey granite ones. I love the contrast of the white and grey stone against the rose gold. It's a combination I haven't seen before. This pendant necklace will be my first purchase! I love the stud earrings too. The blue lapis makes a statement especially with this earring design. There is also a necklace with this tiered stone design. 

To make this collection even more appealing from now until August 13th you can get $40 off a $200 purchase with the code SHOPSTYLE! I've pulled together a few of my favorite pieces below but you can shop the whole collection here

1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9

Kara Krittenbrink

Pom Poms on my Feet

I love shoes and truly take time to find the best pairs for my wardrobe. I seem to always be searching for them online and the shoe department is the first place I go in a department store. So you could say I take shoe shopping pretty serious. 

One thing that isn't serious is these shoes... they are so fun!! The colorful pom poms are a party. The epitome of Summer fun, I've had my eye on some colorful sandals like these all Summer long. But once I finally bought them I was afraid they may be too much. It took me awhile before I wore them the first time!

After trying on several outfits, I realized the key was to keep everything else simple. Whether its shorts, tops or a dress solid colors or basic prints look best. This outfit is pretty casual but the sandals add enough interest that it is far from boring. The bright colors of the pom pom lace up sandals allow you to wear pretty much any color to coordinate. Next time I wear these sandals, I think I'm going to try an all white look. White denim and a white off the shoulder top would be the best base for the pom pom lace up sandals!

White Shorts - Pom Pom Sandals - Blue Top, sold out (similar here)

Kara Krittenbrink

My Favorites of the Moment


I pulled together a few of the things I've been eyeing lately. I've been looking at items that I can wear now but will take me thru Fall too. I'm ready for Fall and everything it brings but with temps here over 100 everyday, it is still very much Summer!

Merlot is always a great Fall color. I'd love to wear this romper right now with these block sandals then add tights, leather jacket and booties to wear it in the Fall. These block sandals are the perfect answer for when you want a heel but need comfort. The mustard color will take you into Fall too.

I can already tell I'm gong to love floral midi dresses this Fall. I've already purchased one and think this one may be next! They can take you to work and then to drinks after. They are easy to layer as well! 

I'm always in the search for cute tops. The tie waist on this top updates the classic button down. It would make a great work wear basic. There is nothing better than a striped t-shirt. I have so many but this new color combination may need to be added to my collection. 

Kara Krittenbrink

Floral Pants

It is excruciatintgly hot here in Oklahoma. It is at the point that I don't want to be outside unless I'm close to a body of water. With these temperatures I've been avoiding jeans and pants at all costs.  Honestly my outfit choices lately have been what will have my sweating the least. Glamorous, I know!

Last week I needed an outfit for my best friend's bridal luncheon. I  wanted something other than a typical dress. I remembered I had these floral pants and knew it was the perfect thing.  I know i just said I've been avoiding pants, but these are the exception. Their wide leg silhouette and breezy material make them the exception to the rule! They are so comfortable and kept my cool even when we took group pictures on an outdoor terrace. 

Wide leg pants are definitely back in style and will be here thru the Fall and Winter too. Some of the wide leg styles are close to a flare. Others, like the ones, I'm wearing are the same width throughout the leg. Wearing a heel creates a long line and will make your legs look longer! The key to not letting these styles overwhelm you is to either wear a fitted top or to tuck in the top. This will define your waist and give you a flattering shape! 

 My pants are from last year but I've found several great pairs! This pair is the closest to the ones I'm wearing. I also love this pair, this pair and this pair! With the colors on this pair, you can wear them into Fall!

Will you be trying out the wide leg trend?

Floral pants, old - White Cami, old (similar here and here
White Sandals, old (similar here)
Kara Krittenbrink

Summer Reads

I haven't been able to read as much as I would like this Summer but I plan on making it a priority the next few weeks. I've gotten thru my picks on this reading list. I've become a fan of audio books. They are now a perfect way to get thru your reading lists. On a long road trip or daily commute listen to your latest book. I've come up with a new list of books. A few I've read (or listened to) but a few are purchased and waiting for their time for me to enjoy them.

I'm not ashamed, actually I'm proud, to see that my favorite books are the Harry Potter series. I have loved them since the first came out. I remember waiting for each new book to come out and rushing to purchase it immediately. I have reread the books atleast 6 times. When I finished the 7th book, I thought it was the last I would have read of Harry Potter's life. Now my prayers have been answered and there is another story about the boy that lived.  Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is a play written about Harry's adult life and it debuted a few days ago in London. I'm very tempted to book a flight to London but until that happens I can read the play. I can't way to see how Harry and his friends have managed life after they defeated Lord Voldemort.

As a single girl in her late 20's I've been given a lot of romantic advice. Some is great and other times it's not exactly what I want to hear. I never wanted to read a romantic advice book so when I first was recommended the book I ignored it. When I later learned more about it, I realized its not a how to fall in love or how to find a man type book. It's an interesting take on how romance, marriage and love have changed for millenials. Aziz Ansari's Modern Romance compares all aspects of love with a ton of research that he's done. His humor and personal anecdotes are sprinkled throughout the book. I laughed a lot and genuinely found the information fascinating and made me rethink a bit about the dating world!

If you have't read this book or seen the movie, you' probably at least saw the previews! Me Before You is a heart breaking love story about a quadriplegic and his new caretaker. I don't want to give anything away but I bawled like a baby thru the book and the movie. For me, it felt a little different than your typical love story, It had an element in it that really made me think about what I would do if I was in that situation. My favorite books always have something like this that make me think.

This book is on my coffee table as I write this. I've heard so many great things about this book. Sophia Amoruso is the founder and executive chairman of Nastygal. While you would now call her extremely successful, her career was full of many lows. She didn't have your typical career path. Girlboss is about how take make your own career path and trust your gut to get you to success. As someone that is in the middle of a career change, I'm looking for some inspiration.

As you can probably tell from my reading lists, I love a variety of books. I don't have a certain genre that I stick to. I'll go from romance to historical fiction to classics. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is one of those classics. The book is the story of Francie and her life in Brooklyn, New York and the beginning of the 20th century. The second generation American faces countless adversity thru her life. I first read this book in grade school and loved it from the first page. I reread it every few years and find new inspiration in it every time. 

What have you been reading this Summer?

Kara Krittenbrink