How to Wear Leather Leggings

There are very few wardrobe pieces that I actually love more and more every year. When the weather cools down, I always get excited to wear my Spanx leather leggings. They are easily my most worn item during the Fall, Winter and early spring months! They are not actually real leather but have the look and they are very comfortable. The waistband is thick and because they are Spanx they are flattering and have compression.

 I find that they go with so much of my closet and can be worn many different ways. What I think I love most is how I can wear them with both dressy and casual outfits. Whatever you are wearing, they add both polish and edge. I'm sharing a few ways I've worn them this year. But this is just the beginning, you can honestly wear them a hundred different ways. Before we were all stuck at home I would  dress up the leather leggings with heels and my favorite nice tops and sweaters. 

It is not surprising that this year I have been wearing them more casually than anything else. I'm extra appreciative to the items in my closet that can be dressed down. I have taken full advantage of my more relaxed work dress code and have been pairing all dressier items with more casual pieces. 

Casual Leather Leggings Look

My casual looks with the Spanx leather leggings start with layers. A black tank creates a simple and flattering first layer. A monochromatic under layer while not only being is to coordinate with also is very flattering. It creates a clean line and elongates your body. This is the perfect foundation for a long cardigan, sweater or jacket. Even a longer button down would be cute with this. 

These flat combatish boots work great with the leather leggings. They feel easy and put together at the same time. The Spanx leather leggings tuck into boots really easy too. Tall socks also layer over them well (which has been great this winter). As it warms up I start to wear them with my favorite slides and flats.

Sweater, sold out (similar here & here)

Another easy option I go to frequently is leather leggings, sweatshirt, jackets and boots. In this case I kept the look in dark neutrals but you could easily change up the colors to fit your style. You could mix and match this outfit a million ways. Trade out the leather for a denim jacket and the boots for tennis shoes and that is something I would wear to travel in. 

Sweatshirt - Leather Jacket, Old (similar here)

Dressy Leather Leggings Look

When I initially bought leather leggings I mainly imagined wearing them dressy. The leather leggings pair well with heels and botties and elevate any look. I love the slight sheen and how it adds a big of edge to a sweater and heels. I love this work for date night, dinner with friends or out for a drink. 

Tunic Sweater, old (similar here & here)

Items I love to Style with Leather Leggings

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Kara Krittenbrink

Sweater Dress and Boots

Sweater Dress - Boots (sold out, similar here & here)

It has been some time since I have posted an outfit post. I just haven't had the opportunity to take photos or it hasn't felt right. Recently a friend of mine shot some photos for me and I'm so excited to share what we shot. 

I've shared my love of sweater dresses many many times. They are something that I think pretty much everyone can use in their wardrobe. I stalked this one for awhile and pulled the trigger when it went on sale. And I have to tell you that it is even better in person. The fabric is So. Soft. Like you think you are wear pajamas soft. The tie waist is adjustable so you can really make it work for you. 

I've styled this sweater dress many ways but the look I'm sharing is my favorite. It feels so classy with the boots and headband. With this weeks snowy weather it is hard to imagine Spring but when the weather warms up a bit I think this sweater dress would be so cute with sneakers. Great for running errands or even for casual Friday at work. 

More Sweater Dresses I Love

Knee High Boots

Disclosure: I may earn an affiliate commission on any purchases or clicks thru the links in this post. This is no cost to you and I only share things I love.
All Photos by: @lmbphotography

Kara Krittenbrink

How to Organize Your Closet

There are certain things that make everyone feel more put together. One of those things for me is an organized closet. Now I will be the first to admit I'm not type A so everything isn't perfect. But I do love to have a general organization system. 

If you are starting from scratch on organizing your closet, you'll want to start by going thru your clothes Follow the guidelines listed here to decide what to get rid of and what to keep. Once you are only left with what you love you can start organizing.  Since I have a smaller closet this post focuses on taking advantage of every bit of space and how to organize a small closet.

How to Organize Your Closet

I, like most people, do not have a giant closet so making the best of use of the space is the most important. To maximize my space I store out of season items away while I don't need them. Twice a year I'll rotate things in and out to make room for the next season. Below I have listed the storage bags and boxes I use. I store most out of season items under my bed and some of them in my attic (if they are vacuum sealed and stored in an air tight bin)

The most basic organization system starts with putting like items together, dresses with dresses, pants with pants etc. Once I have items together I look for sub categories. This will be different for each person and depend on what you have. I've list my some of my subcategories below as inspiration. You could get way more complex an then also color code items. But the best organization system is one you will keep up with, so be realistic! I only color code my shirts and sweatshirts because I don't keep up with color coding other items. 

  • Casual
  • Work
  • Cocktail/Wedding
  • Sweatpants
  • Leggings
  • Denim
  • Slacks
Tops (first organized by sleeve length)
  • Tshirt
  • Casual
  • Work
  • Dressy
  • Sweatshirt
  • Sweater
  • Jackets
  • Blazers
The next step in organizing your closet is picking out where everything should go. I like to work around convenience so the items I use the most get put front and center. A year or so ago, I had my work clothes in the middle of my closet so they were easy to reach. My work dresses were the first category of dresses and then my work slacks and tops were front and center. Now that I am home so much more and my work dress code has become more casual, I rearranged things. My leggings, denim and casual tops now have the prime space in my closet. Because all like items are together, it is easy to rearrange when needed. 

Organization Helpers

The most helpful organization items are the ones that are customizable. This way you can use your space optimally. 

1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7
  • If you change one thing in your closet, make it changing your hangers to velvet ones. These velvet hangers are seriously a lifesaver! They are very thin so the velvet hangers will give you more space. The velvet material keeps everything in place. Thin straps and silky fabrics won't fall off these hangers and litter the bottom of your closet.
  • I keep out of season clothes, shoes and accessories in these clear under the bed tubs Every Spring and Fall I trade out sweaters, boots and leggings for sandals, shorts and sundresses. It's a little bit of work but gives me so much more space. 
  • For sweaters, shoes and other bulky items, this hanging organizer is a great use of space. Sweaters are bulky on hangers and the hanger can damage their shape. Folding them and keeping them in the hanging shelves is a better use of space. 
  • If you have dress or long hanging space in your closet you probably have some dead space under your dresses. To make the best use of that I put clear plastic drawers on the floor. You can stack these and put as many as your space will allow. I like theses and these.
  • These shoe organizers are ideal for all types of shoes. You can stack them on each other to customize for your space. I have heels, sandals, tennis shoes and flats in mine. 
  • Keeping big drawers organized can be difficult. I use these drawer dividers to separate my socks and undershirts in my drawers.
  • Jewelry organization is made easier with these clear acrylic stacking trays. You can buy just the type you need and they can stack or sit next to each other. I have mine in a shallow drawer in my dresser. 

Disclosure: I may earn an affiliate commission on any purchases or clicks thru the links in this post. This is no cost to you and I only share things I love.
Kara Krittenbrink

Intro to Enneagram

I've always been intrigued by what drives myself and others to think, act or react a certain way. I've taken many personality tests but typically aren't very satisfied with them. Knowing myself, I can see in different situations or moods I could test differently and I didn't feel like that should be the case for a true personality test. About three years ago a friend of mine told me about the Enneagram. As she was explaining it, the Enneagram seemed like more than just a personality test. It is more of how and why you think and act a certain way. 

Intro to Enneagram

The Enneagram is a set of nine distinct personality types, with each number on the Enneagram denoting a type. One number is not better than another but the numbers next to each other do have similarities. It's both a simple and complex system (see more here). Why the Enneagram seems different than other personality tests is it is based on your core motivations and fears. The 9 types can be subgrouped into 3 centers: Instinctive, Feeling or Thinking.

How to Find Your Enneagram Type

The best way to find out your type is to take this test. While this is not a short enneagram test and there are other options; I strongly recommend this one because it is so thorough. Once you are done with the test you receive an email with your results and a pdf with an extensive explanation of the 3 types you scored highest on. Most likely while reading thru the explanation of you top three types, one will stick with you.

There is a structure within each type called Levels of Development. This helps you understand how the random traits that characterize a type relate to each other. When we are in a healthy mindset we exhibit the healthier traits of our type and vice versa. One of the many reasons I love the enneagram is the levels of development. While many personality test try to teach you to be different or more like another type, the enneagram doesn't. Your goal is to just work towards a healthier version of yourself.

My Experience with the Enneagram

My test results ranked me pretty high as a 6 (The Loyalist) and after reading the description I felt confident that it was my number! Learning about 6's really made so many things click. My type is summarized as someone that wants to have security, be supported by those around them, have certainty in situations and fight against anxiety and insecurities.

Good or bad, learning about yourself can cause so much growth. As I understand many of my faults I am better able to recognize when they are coming out. I also have learned how some things that I thought were faults actually are helpful and can be used for good. My anxiety has been something that I have struggled with for a long time. There is a lot I do to manage it. As I learned more about myself by researching my Enneagram type, I learned how when my sense of security is threatened or I let my constant thoughts keep turning, my anxiety can get out of control. 

Enneagram Resources

A simple search for enneagram resources will show you hundreds! This test gives so much information with the results that it really is the best first source. I was eager to learn more about my type and all the others. The book The Road Back to You can provide a great basic understanding of all of the types. I have used it as a resource not only for myself but have learned about close friends and family when I know their types. Learning to understand and communicate with them better has been such an asset to my relationships.

There are an overwhelming amount of enneagram instagram profiles. Many of them are more entertainment than informational but I have found a few that I love: @NineTypesCo and @EnneagramandCoffee

The Enneagram Institute has an email subscription (scroll to the bottom of the page after you click the link) that sends a customized email every day based on your type. The emails are short and give a thought to focus on each day. I really look forward to reading the email each morning. 

Kara Krittenbrink