Beauty Rx: Highlighter

Contouring has become a hot trend lately in the makeup world but is something I have not attempted.  One thing I do love from contouring is highlighting, it’s been something I have been using for years.  This multi-purposeful beauty product gives your skin a glow and can help blur imperfections. I have used a few different highlighters but my favorite by far is Benefit's High Beam. The color is a soft pink that flatters most skin tones and the texture is thick enough to stay put all day. Here are a few others that would work great. 

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I use it daily to help my eyes look more awake and refreshed. I also use it to help my dark circles look better.  For a special night out or when I’m taking more time to do my makeup I’ll highlight my cheekbones and cupids bow too.  Blending a few drops into your foundation or moisturizer will give your skin an all over glow.

In my daily routine I put some under my eyebrows and in the inner corner of my eyes. I find that gives my skin a more awake and refreshed look.  I also apply it under my eyes before I put on concealer.  The highlighter helps soften my dark circles so I require less cover up. 

 Highlighting Eye
  1. After moisturizing put 2 to 3 dots of concealer under each eyebrow and blend it along the brow bone.
  2. Put a small dot on your fingers and blend into inner corner of each eye
  3. Finish the rest of your makeup as usual
Blurring Dark Lines
  1. After moisturizing put 3 dots under eyes
  2. Blend along dark circles and down on side of the nose
  3. Apply foundation as normal and then concealer if needed
Other Highlights
  1. After applying foundation and blush blend a few drops of highlighter along cheekbones
  2. The most amount of highlighter should be on the apples and blended out
  3. Blend a tiny bit of highlighter along the cupid bow before applying lipstick
Kara Krittenbrink

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  1. Happy Monday, darling! Such a great post! I've heard so many great things on contouring but I've never done it myself. I tend not to wear too much make-up but I really love the products shown here! Might try them :)! Thanks for sharing!
    Sending you much love!
    xoxo, Vanessa