A New Day, A New Brand

During my most recent trip to Target I discovered one of their newest brands A New Day. This brand has quickly become my favorite! There are so many great pieces from trendy jackets to classic tops! You truly could make a whole wardrobe out of it. I managed to contain myself to only buying this top and this skirt! I've scoured thru the whole collection and picked out some of my favorites, several of these pieces will most definitely make it into my wardrobe this Fall.

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Kara Krittenbrink

Venice with my Favorite Accessory

If you follow me on instagram you might have seen that I was in Italy and Croatia for two weeks. I just got home a few days ago and am still trying to get back to my normal routine. Traveling is my favorite thing to do and this trip was absolutely the best trip I've ever had! Some people have described the trip as once in a lifetime, but I don't see it that way. I plan to have many more trips like this in my future! 

Over the next few weeks I'm going to share posts from the trip. I plan on sharing suggestions and recommendations from each of the different cities we visited and also including packing tips and other information. Our first (and last) stop was Venice so I'll kick off my travel posts with it.

 One of my favorite and most versatile pieces that I packed was my denim dress. I wore it several days for sightseeing and out for dinner one night. It was comfortable and lightweight so even in the heat of the day I felt great. Here are my picks of several denim dresses!

I paired it with one of my favorite accessories, a scarf. In this case I used a scarf as a headband. It's  a simple touch that adds a lot of interest to even the simplest of outfits. It's also a great accessory to pack on a trip because it can be worn in so many ways! You can tie it around your neck, as a headband, around your ponytail, on your purse and so many other ways. For practical reasons it was nice to have a scarf as a thick headband, it made my hair look good, even when I didn't have a lot of time to fix it. This scarf is particularly special to me, it was passed down to me from my mom! I loved being able to bring part of her with me on this trip.  

Below are a few scarves I've had my eye on! Another look I love is adding a colorful print scarf to an all white look!

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Kara Krittenbrink