Must Have: Beauty Blender

If you use liquid foundation, concealer or highlighter you must keep reading! What if I told you a $20 product will make your makeup look better no matter if it is drugstore or high end? Sounds pretty great, right?!

I have recently added a Beauty Blender to my makeup brush collection. After one use, I am a convert! I use it to apply my foundation, concealer, highlighter and cream brush. Any liquid or cream foundation looks flawless and streak free on your face. The product glides on your skin. The Beauty Blender creates the most natural look I've seen compared to any other makeup brush I've used. Concealers and highlighters blend even better with the Beauty Blender. Whether it is covering a zit, red marks or undereye circles you can get an airbrushed look. 

You don't have to make a big change in your makeup routine to use the Beauty Blender
  1. You start by wetting the sponge and then squeezing out any excess water. 
  2. For Foundation: pump the product onto the back of your hand. 
  3. Take a small amount of the product and start tapping it onto your skin. You don't want to swipe or rub the sponge. Tapping keeps the product on the skin and creates the flawless look.
  4. Work over your face the same way in which you use any other makeup brush. 
  5. Concealer (like this one): apply directly onto your face on the areas you need it.
  6. Using the tapping motion, blend the concealer onto the problem area. 
  7. Finish with translucent powder (like the one here).
You can clean your Beauty Blender with soap and water or this specially formulated solid cleanser.
Kara Krittenbrink

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