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I know some of the Midwest and Northeast areas have seen snow in the last few days. Here in Oklahoma it has been Spring temperatures all week and I think it is safe to say that it is here to stay. Spring time always feels fresh and new. I feel reinvigorated to clean and organize my space. The first place I always start is my closet! When my closet is organized, I feel so much better and picking out an outfit each day is easier. 

My first step to organizing is to go thru everything and get rid of what I don't need, wear or is in bad shape. I follow the guidelines listed here to decide what to get rid of. Once I have paired down everything, I then start organizing what I have left. I, like most people, do not have the size of closet that we would all like. I've learned to take advantage all the available space I have. I've put together my best tips below to get your closet in tip top shape!

  • Don't let out of season clothes take up valuable space. I keep out of season clothes, shoes and accessories in these under the bed clear tubs. Every Spring and Fall I trade out sweaters, boots and leggings for sandals, shorts and sundresses. It may seem like a bit of work but when your closet only has seasonal items, you'll have more room and it will be better organized.
  • These velvet hangers are a lifesaver! A few years ago I changed out all my plastic hangers for these and it is a game changer. The velvet material keeps things in place. Thin straps and silky fabrics won't fall off these hangers and litter the bottom of your closet. They are also super thin so your closet will have more space.
  • For sweaters, shoes and other bulky items, this hanging organizer is a great use of space. Sweaters are bulky on hangers and the hanger can damage their shape. Folding them and keeping them in the hanging shelves is a better use of space. 
  • If you have dress or long hanging space in your closet you probably have some dead space under your dresses. To make the best use of that I put clear plastic drawers on the floor. You can stack these and put as many as your space will allow. I like these or these based on how much space you have. 
How do you keep your closet organized? 
Kara Krittenbrink

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