Spring Cleaning: Closet Edition

The air is warmer and the grass is turning green, Spring has sprung!  For many people, including myself, spring brings motivation to clean and start fresh!  One of the places I like to declutter is my closet.  I like to do a big closet purge during the Fall and Spring. Today I'm sharing how I decide when I should keep something or when it's time to say bye. 

1. Does it fit correctly and is it in good condition?
Items that are too big, too small or misshapen do not have a place in your closet.  Many times some items stretch or lose their shape and become unflattering. If the item can't be altered to fit you again, donate it.  Keeping the pair of jeans that you hope will fit someday takes up room from items that you love!

2. Does it have a place in your current lifestyle? 
Some items are purchased for certain events, dress codes or lifestyles.  Many times a change in jobs can change the needs of your closet. If you believe this change will remain the same for the near future, your closet should reflect that. You don't need 6 suits if your dress code at work is casual. I recently donated a few formal dresses from college because I don't have a need for as many formal outfits. I kept a few for future weddings, but that section of my closet has slimmed down.

3. Do you have several of the same or similar items?
Repeat items take up precious closet space.  Think about how often you wear that type of item and decided if it makes sense to have several. I recently discovered I have 5 white t-shirts. I don't wear white t-shirts very often so I only kept two that I like.   I also have several black skirts but wear them all the time for work so keeping them is a good idea.

4. Have you worn it in the last year?
When I clean out my closet in the spring I look at all the winter items I didn't wear that season. Usually that's an indication that I have items I like better and can purge the unworn items.  I believe there are a few exceptions to this question, mainly for investment pieces. 

5. If it was in a store now would you purchase it? 
This is my favorite question to ask . I find it really shows whether you like an item or not. Think about your current style and whether this items expresses what you want to project. If its outdated, the trend is over or just not "you" anymore, get rid of it!

Sometimes cleaning and purging can be a hard process. Remind yourself that having a closet of items that you love will make it easier to pick out outfits and get dressed every morning. It also makes room for fun new items!

Kara Krittenbrink


  1. Happy Wednesday! Wow! Great tips, Kara! Thanks for sharing! I've just cleaned out my closet a couple of weeks ago! :)
    Hope you have a great day!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  2. I just clean up my wardrobe too!


  3. Such great advice for cleaning out your closet! I do it a couple of times a year and have the hardest time letting go of pieces!