Latest Obsession: Lounge Bra

A few months ago I went bra shopping. When I was picking some to try on, I grabbed this lounge bra because the bright colors caught my eye. I didn't know exactly what kind of bra it was but I went for it anyways. Once it was on I never wanted to take it off!

The super soft lounge bra has demi cups and an underwire that you don't feel (I swear). This gives you a bit of a lift without having any padding. The longer band on the botttom is super comfortable and also helps give a lift. The racerback straps and fabric are smooth and really comfortable. 

The lounge bra is a hybrid between a tshirt bra and a sports bra. If your sports bras are anything like mine, they provide alot of support for major activities but aren't the most comfortable when you aren't running or working out. Bralettes are really cute and comfortable but if you are a C cup or above, they don't provide enough lift. The lounge bra is as comfortable as the bralettes but creates a shape that you will love. Any days that you are lounging around or just want to be comfortable, this should be your go to! The lounge bra goes just as well under tshirts as it does other blouses. The colors are so fun that you may want it to peek out under your favorite tank top or vneck!

Kara Krittenbrink

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