My Skincare Routine

One of the many things my Mom passed down to me is a devotion to skin care. She always made sure I had sunscreen on. When I was a teenager she taught me about the importance of washing my face every night and using a moisturizer. Her skin always looked flawless, so I knew I needed to listen to her.

Now that I am far from being a teenager, I need more than just a few basic skin care items. Over the last year or so, I've put together a skin care routine that has my skin in the best shape possible. The concerns for my skin were anti-aging and brightening. I currently don't have an issue with acne but my complexion can be a bit dull. I've been told by my dermatologist that it is never too early to start thinking about aging. It is easier to be preventative than to treat something. 

It took some trial and error to come up with a skincare routine that addresses my issues but wasn't overly complicated. I knew I wouldn't follow a routine with too many products. 

During my skincare discovery, I started getting facials every 6 weeks to keep my skin in check. The facials combined with my new skin care routine have truly transformed my complexion. My facialist has also been a great resource. She's recommended treatments for my concerns and what ingredients to look for in my products. As I started using new products she gave feedback on how they have changed my skin. 

Morning Routine
1. Cleanser and Makeup Remover - Over a year ago, I started using Micellar Water (see here). I've switched brands and now use Garnier Skin Active Micellar Water because it also takes off my stubborn eye makeup. Micellar water cleanses thoroughly but isn't harsh or rough. My skin is softer because of it with a lot less redness. 

2. Treatment - While I don't break out easily, I do have blackheads on my nose and chin. I looked for a product with at least 2% Salicylic Acid. Philosophy's Clear Days Ahead spot treatment has decreased the number of blackheads. I use it every morning on my nose and chin. Once a week I use it all over my face. 

3. Moisturizer - SPF should be worn everyday! The problem with SPF is that no one wants to feel like they have it on. Mario Badescu's Oil Free Moisturizer SPF 30 feels super moisturizing and soaks in well. It has anti-inflammatory properties and has calmed some of the redness in my cheeks and forehead. It prevents the suns damaging rays from causing any problems to my skin.

Night Routine
1. Cleanser and Makeup Remover - I use Micellar water in the evenings too. I first use one cotton pad to get of my eye makeup then another to cleanse the rest of my face. 

2. Eye Cream - In the anti- aging game, eye cream is very important. Rodan + Fields REDEFINE Multi-function eye cream has brightened my eyes. It's reduced puffiness and helped with my dark circles. It also helps prevent crow's feet and other fine lines around my eyes. 

3. Night Cream - The last of my night routine is a night cream. Rodan + Fields Overnight Restorative Cream has me waking up with firmer and more radiant skin. It works overnight to prevent lines.

1. Exfoliator - To keep my skin soft and smooth, exfoliators are essential. Twice a week I use a micro-dermabrasion paste to slough off dead skin cells. Used on a regular basis, my skin feels smooth and glowing. 

2. Mask - Trying out new masks is always a treat. There are types that treat almost any issue. I posted about one of my favorite masks here last fall. The latest mask I've tried may be the best one yet! The Mario Badescu Enzyme Revitalizing Mask is a mini facial. In 2o minutes it exfoliates and firms your skin. Once you rinse it off you'll realize your skin is also moisturized and radiant too. I've only been using it a few weeks but know it will become a regular in my skin care routine!

3. Lips - My love of lip colors isn't without it's costs. Many lipsticks and lip sense products dry out your lips. I've tried different chapsticks and serums but nothing could prevent chapped lips. This Lip Renewing Serum is a bit of a splurge but worth it. I use it every other night and my lips are plumper and the lines on my lips have filled in. 
Kara Krittenbrink


  1. How do you like Rodan+Fields? I have never tried it but hear so many mixed reviews on their products...

    1. I've only used the products described above but I love all of them. They eye cream feels amazing and the scrub is the best I've ever used.