Facial Pick Me Up

Yesterday I arrived in NYC and will be here for a week! This has been my third trip in the last 3 weeks and my skin has started to reflect that. While travelling is one of my favorite things to do, the change in my routine means a lot of healthy habits go out the window. I don't drink enough water or eat as healthy. Also, the dry airplane air just makes any problems you have worse! 

To combat these issues, I have been giving my skin some extra attention when I am home. One of my favorite pampering treatments is Philosophy's Oxygen Peel. The two step process is a serious rejuvenator! After using it a few times I can see why it is a long standing customer favorite. It rapidly exfoliates your skin while giving it a ton of hydration. It also detoxes your skin which is really helpful in unblocking your pores. 

Following the directions provided, you will apply both a gel and foam to your face. When they combine on your skin, they foam a bit. After just a few minutes you take the products off and your skin will look better immediately. I typically use it once a week, but to get ready for NYC I used it two days in a row! 

Kara Krittenbrink

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