Beauty Rx: Micellar Water

What if I told you I have not washed my face in almost two months? Ever since I discovered Micellar Water, I have put my wash cloths and face wash away! Micellar Water was developed in France and has been a cult favorite there for some time. It is starting to make a name for itself state side and now many beauty brands have developed their own. It may sound like a gimmick, and I was skeptical at first, but Micellar Water may change your cleansing routine.

What is Micellar Water? Micellar Water gets its name from the micelles, oil molecules, suspended in the water. The oil molecules attract the dirt and makeup on your face and pull it away. There's no need to rinse after using. There isn't a cleaning or drying affect like most normal cleansers. In fact my face feels softer and moisturized after using it. 

Who should use it? It is good for almost any type of skin! I have sensitive skin and I'm always nervous about new products but my face felt great after the first use. Some brands make formulations especially for oil, dry or sensitive skin. If you currently use a treatment face wash for acne, I would not switch to Micellar Water. 

I would especially recommend Micellar Water for anyone who needs a simple cleansing routine. It's easy to use and takes very little time. If you are someone that has a hard time always washing your face, this may be just the thing for you!

How do you use Micellar Water?
Moisten a cotton ball or pad with Micellar Water. Sweep it across your face to remove dirt and makeup. That's it!! No rinsing needed. You may still need eye makeup remover for your mascara and eyeliner. 

You can find Micellar Waters at almost any price point. With the gaining popularity, I'm sure there will be even more to choose from soon. I have been using Simple's Micellar Water. It is an inexpensive but highly recommended brand. I have also seen great recommendations about this one and this one too!

Kara Krittenbrink


  1. Hi Kara, great review! Never heard of this product before! I will definitely look into it!
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