Braid Class: Bang Braid

Dutch, French, Fishtail... I love braids! I think they are such a fun way to mix up your look and add interest to your hairstyle. One of my favorite versions is a bang braid. It works for so many situations. It can add interest to a basic ponytail, gets your hair out of your face and is great when you are growing out bangs (like I am)! 

Today, I've put together a tutorial on a basic French Dutch Bang Braid. Although the photos aren't perfect, my model certainly is. My sweet godchild, Raegan, was patient enough to model for me. 

Prep: You can braid any hair, curly or straight. If you need more "grip" to your hair, hairspray, dry shampoo or my favorite texture spray works wonders. 
  1. Decide how much of your hair you want to braid. You can clip off the hair you don't want to braid, if that helps. Along your part, take a thin section of hair to start your braid.
  2. Divide into 3 even strands.
  3. Start your dutch braid (see Dutch Braid Tutorial here), braiding each strand 2 times. Remember: A dutch braid means you take the outside strand under the middle strand and not over.
  4. When you are back to the strand next to your face, add hair to the strand as you braid it under. 
  5. Keep adding hair to each strand as you braid.
  6. This is another view from the side. As you braid you can either keep the bang right along your hairline or pull it toward the back of your hair at an angle. 
  7. Keep incorporating hair until you get to your ear. At this point you have several options:
  8. You can pin the braid behind the ear or finish the strands by doing a basic braid til you are at the ends and secure with an elastic. (seen here)
  9. Basic braid the strands for a few inches and then pull all of your hair into a ponytail.
  10. Keep incorporating hair as you braid the hair to the base of your neck then basic braid to the ends.
Once you have the basics down you can change this style up. You can change up how much hair you incorporate into the braid or the length of your braid. In this post, the braid is only a few inches. To make your braid thicker, you can "pancake" it. Once the braid is done start at the bottom and pull the braid apart to make it appear thicker.

Kara Krittenbrink


  1. I am SO bad at braiding but am dying to try this one out! I might have to get a friend to help me! ; )


  2. To learn a new braid, I always practice on a friend and then try it on myself! I promise with practice, you will get it!