Sweaters and Shimmer

Sometimes you find an outfit combination that works and stick with it. Many of my favorite fall outfits consist of a skinny pant, tunic top and booties. This may seem boring when you first read it but there are endless combinations to create. Depending on the material I can create an outfit for a night out, work or just a casual day of errands. 

Another combination I'm loving is a casual sweater, midi skirt and heel. For the holiday season, I like one item in the outfit to be elevated and my favorite way is to add some shimmer! Sequins, glitter or just a little sparkle, who doesn't love some shimmer. 

I love this outfit combination for a Holiday date night or even Christmas with your family! 

Outfit 1 - one // four // seven

Outfit 2 - two // five // eight

Outfit 3 - three // six // nine

Kara Krittenbrink

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