A New Silhouette: Wide Leg Denim

Last Fall wide leg denim came back with a vengeance. It was all over every fashion magazine and every brand seemed to have their version. It was hard to go into a store and not see atleast a few pairs of wide leg denim. This 70's inspired style seemed to pair perfectly with the lace up tops and fringe that we were also seeing. 

I like this trend but for quite awhile I didn't think it was for me. I love love love skinny jeans and how they flatter my legs. Dark, light or distressed most of my jeans are skinny. The only other pair I own is a pair of boyfriend denim. I think maybe I was scarred by the last time I wore wide leg denim. I believe it was in junior high and I remember pairing them with clunky shoes (mainly my doc martens). This made me look wider and was just a bad decision!

Finally I was in Madewell and decided to give them a try! Oh, how my mind was changed! I was surprised by how my legs looked long and lean. I was instantly a believer. After deciding I had to take these home, I realized how wide leg jeans are working now. First, it's important to find a flattering wash. I would recommend dark or a medium wash. Second, make sure the upper half is slim fitting, this keeps the look from swallowing. Last but certainly not least, wear wide leg denim with heels! This may be the most important thing to know. Heels will make your legs longer and balance out your whole look.

Wide leg denim can be as versatile as any of your jeans. As a general guide I like to keep my top half slim fitting to balance the wide leg but feel free to do whatever makes you happy! As with any jeans, one pair aren't perfect with anyone. I also love this pair, this pair and this pair!

Wide Leg Denim - Leather Jacket, old (love this one and this one
Heeled Mules - Lace Pullover, old (similar here)

Kara Krittenbrink

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