Gladiator Sandals

A trend I've loved for a while is the gladiator sandal! I've had shorter ankle height pairs in the past but really love the tall ones.Each season I love seeing them in stores and magazines but have been too intimidated to try them on. I thought they wouldn't work on my legs. Fears of short stumpy legs kept me staring at them from afar.

Finally this season I ordered a few pairs (this one and this one) and made myself try them on. I wanted to either fall in love or mark them as a trend 'not for me'. When I finally tried on the first pair, I saw how flattering they can be! After some trial and error, I have a few tips on how to flatter your legs if you are worried about your legs looking short. 
  1. Purchase a pair that is fitted around your legs but not tight. 
  2. Lace up pairs can be tightened and loosened to fit your legs exactly.
  3. Pick a pair that matches or is close to your skin tone.  

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Kara Krittenbrink

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