Packing List: Las Vegas

If you follow my instagram, EverydayK_, you saw that I was in Las Vegas for a Bachelorette Party over Memorial Day Weekend. I spent 4 days and 3 nights in Vegas with 13 of my girlfriends! We had the absolute best time eating, drinking and having a lot of girl time!

Typically, when I arrive home from a trip I have a bit of vacation depression. I'm not someone that is ready to go home, I'm usually having too much fun! Most of the time I wish I had one more day because I never get to see, do or taste everything. Now this isn't quite the case when it comes to Las Vegas. I always have the best time when I go but after a few days I am definitely ready for my own bed. I think four days in Vegas is enough for me. 

I have a few outfit posts coming up from Vegas but today is all about packing! A Vegas trip is an easy time to accidentally overpack. There are so many different types of activities that you could easily pack your whole wardrobe. Once I narrowed down what I would actually be doing in Vegas, a packing list came easy. 

For this trip, our group was going to spend 2 or 3 days at the pool and a fun dinner and going out each night! For day I would just need swimsuits and cover ups and a travel home outfit. The night attire was different each night: dressy, all black and then casual. I broke my list into day and night to make it simpler

Packing List Day:
3 swimsuits
Denim Romper
White Shorts
Floral Top
Jeweled Sandals
Flip Flops (for pool)
Beach Bag (doubled as carry on)

Packing List Night:
2 Casual Rompers** (I like options)
White Heels
Gold Clutch 
Rose Gold Clutch
Navy Clutch
Jeweled Sandals (from day list)

*As you'll see in some upcoming posts, I like my cover ups to be cute enough that I could walk around the hotel or casino during the day. I didn't have to pack as many day clothes because I didn't have to change for lunch or walking around during the day. 

**The extra romper worked for a day outfit in case we went shopping or needed a non-pool outfit.
Kara Krittenbrink

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