March 9, 2015

A Well Stocked Closet: The Perfect White Button Down

There is something to be said about a white button down. It is a staple piece and on almost every list of must own items.  The white button down doesn't have an age limit or specific style it speaks to.  There are literally hundreds of ways you can wear it and looks  equally great layered or on its own.  

I categorize the button down 3 ways: classic, boyfriend and special details.  Classic is fitted, crisp, simple and of course classic.   The classic look is the best one for layering with sweaters, vests or other pieces.  The boyfriend has a slouchy, relaxed vibe and is more suited for casual outfits.  The last category is quite open ended.  Zippers, asymmetrical hems, and unique fabrics can take this shirt in many directions.

I've just found the perfect classic shirt and its already made it into heavy rotation in my wardrobe.
1 (my purchase) - 2 - 3 

12 - 3

1 - 2 - 3


  1. So stunning love! Have a happy Monday! XO


    Evolution of Glam

  2. You can never have too many white blouses, and these options are perfect! I need one from each category!