Resolution Check In

At the beginning of every year I seem to make a crazy list of resolutions. While I have great intentions of making each year better, stronger, healthier  etc, after a few weeks I've typically gone back to my same old routine.  This year I am focusing on small changes that will make a big impact. One of these changes is to set aside "me" time every week.  Everyone's lives are so busy and I find myself never taking time to unwind.  I made a few rules to myself so I will completely relax during my "me" time.
Keep phone time to a minimum.
Do something indulgent for myself.
Spend 15-30 minutes reading.
Do not run errands or look at emails.
I typically make my "me" time one evening after work. My favorite way to spend it is a yoga class, indulgent shower and then a face mask while I read a good book.  It's only a few hours but it makes a big difference in my week and I know this will be a resolution I keep up with.
Burt's Bees Mask

This mask is extremely hydrating and makes my skin super soft.  It only takes five minutes which means I find time to do it more often.
Body Wash
 After receiving it as a Christmas gift, I have fallen in love with this body wash and foam bath. The smell is very indulgent and makes any shower or bath feel special. 
Kara Krittenbrink


  1. What wonderful resolutions! The mask and body wash look like they smell and feel divine. I definitely have to try them out!


  2. Happy Wednesday, darling! Loved this post since I love Burt Bee products! :)
    xoxo, Vanessa