Toting Around

Sometimes just carrying your purse isn't enough. Sometimes you need your laptop, ipad, planner, camera and everything else with you. These are the times you need a trusty tote. I've found a few that will not only get everything you need from place to place but are stylish too! 

This bag is a perfect hybrid of a tote and purse. It has a specific compartment for your laptop, pens, credit cards and many other things. It may be the ultimate bag for staying organized! An less expensive alternative is this tote from Target. It still has a compartment for your laptop and a small pocket keeps your small items from getting lost in the bag.

The geometric tote is reminiscent of higher end bags at a fraction of the price. It doesn't have any extra compartments 

Kara Krittenbrink

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  1. I love how that geometric tote is a simple black bag but the shape makes it far from ordinary. Great picks!!

    Xo Melissa