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I'm a firm believer that you don't have to pay a lot for some great beauty products! My makeup drawer is an equal mix of drugstore and higher end products. I even prefer some drugstore to their higher end equivalents. I still use this drugstore Micellar water every morning and night! I've put together a list of some of my current loves.  
1. Maybelline Color Sensation Lipstick in Are You Red-dy - I bought this on a whim awhile ago and rediscovered it a month ago. It's not quite a true red but one that has a bit of pink to it. I love the creamy consistency and how great it feels on my lips. My purse is a constant rotation of lip colors and this one will be staying in there for awhile. 

2. Nivea In Shower Nourishing Lotion - As someone who never remembers to put on lotion, this is a lifesaver. You put this on after you wash your body and then rinse it off, it's as easy as that! If you are someone that routinely puts on lotion, I wouldn't say this is a better alternative. It is great if you are like me and never can remember to put any lotion on!

3. Baby Foot Exfoliating Foot Peel - As I write this, I'm using this product! I like to use this foot peel as soon as it is sandal season. The product comes with two booties that you wear for an hour. Around 5 days later your feet will start peeling off all of the dry, dead skin. I'll admit that it is a little weird but its also equally satisfying to see the old skin come off of your feet. After your skin is done peeling they will feel baby soft!

4. Maybelline Brow Drama Palette in Blonde - I have been very into my brows lately. I still love this product but feel like a powder was the next step. Without a big money commitment, this palette can fill in your eyebrows perfectly. 

5. Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Primer - After binge watching some beauty tutorials, I had to try this primer out. I think it is as good as any high end one I've used! Not only does it help your makeup stay on, but it creates a smooth canvas for your makeup. Primer may not be something you want to wear everyday, but for special occasions or particularly long days, it is totally worth the extra step!

What are your favorite Drug Store products?
Kara Krittenbrink

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