Under $90: Valentine's Gifts for the Boyfriend or Husband

It’s that time of year again when we get to shower those we love with a little bit extra appreciation, and if they’re lucky, a gift, too!

In theory finding a gift for a significant other, is pretty simple. After all, you know what he likes, right? How hard can it be? But for some reason, it can be very difficult! And especially when you’re shopping on a budget, the playing for great gifts narrows, and girlfriends and wives everywhere stress about finding the perfect Valentine’s Day present.

But stress no more! I’ve picked some things  to help alleviate the pressure of last-minute Valentine’s Day gift buying. No matter your situation, I’ve pulled some great gift ideas that your man is sure to love.

For the workout fiend: A Fitbit Flex
So, he spends almost everyday at the gym? Your man will love receiving a Fitbit Flex to keep track of his calories burned and steps taken with computer-syncing component. The bonus: This model doubles as a silent alarm clock

For the man who still wears old fraternity T’s: New sweats

Sometimes you just need to make executive decisions to help your man progress. If your hubby is still wearing old T’s to bed that literally have holes in them, give him something new like Cosmopolitan advises He’ll love hitting the couch in fancy new sweats.  This hoodie and joggers are nice enough for him to leave the house in and you not cringe!

For the career focused: A new briefcase
Accessories are not something men like to go out of their way to purchase for themselves. Show him that you support him in his professional endeavors and get him a sleek brown and black briefcase that’ll match all of his work outfits. 

For the guy who wants to step up his style: A pair of brogues
Like Lyst suggests, every man needs a solid pair of brogues to elevate his casual wear. If your man doesn’t have a pair, or needs new ones, go for an unassuming brown pair that can match everything. He’ll appreciate you taking charge of the chore! 

For the new flame: A bowtie
Or a tie, depending on his style—but any type of tie is a great gift because you don’t need to know his size! Like Real Simple notesa print or color that’s not too average yet not too crazy is perfect. 

For the guy who always loses his wallet: A utility phone case
Is your man a little forgetful? He’ll like this phone case that doubles as a wallet. As long as he focuses on having his phone on him, he’ll never lose his wallet again! Slip some sweet notes in the card slots to let him know how much you care for him.


Kara Krittenbrink

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