Best Purchases of 2020

 I think most of us would like to put 2020 behind us. It came with new challenges for all of us. Some of the things I will be taking into the new year are the following purchases I made in 2020. It is a bit of a random collection but I use each one all the time. Many have been featured on Everyday K before but some are new to the blog. I only featured products that are still available for purchase.

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Organizing Purchases

While we were stuck at home this year, I, like many others, spent some time organizing. The first thing I started with was my clothes and shoes. I invested in this dresser to upgrade my bedroom. Not only is it a beautiful piece that I'll love for awhile, but it has a lot of storage space. What I like most is the different size drawers. The top, shorter drawers are perfect for jewelry and other small accessories. I didn't stop there. To organize my shoes, I bought these clear plastic bins. Since they stack, I doubled the amount of space in my closet for shoes. Then to organize headbands and hair accessories, these round bins hold everything!

To keep your life organized, I can't recommend a Golden Coil planner more! It is completely customizable from the cover, to each page. You can also upload important dates to be added to the calendar. I bought my first one last year to use as a planner for Everyday K and it was so helpful. This year I have purchased one for work and one for the blog. But you could easily just use one for everything!

Fashion Purchases

Along with staying home most of the time, comes loungewear. This post has my favorite sets that I found but this sweatshirt and pants are my #1. I can admit that I wear the set about once a week and it just gets softer after each wash! These tennis shoes are worn even more than the set and they are covered in glitter. I keep thinking I should get another pair!

Combat boots are one a trend I was excited to try this Fall. I splurged and bought these Tory Burch boots for myself for my birthday. I didn't actually wait for my birthday and started wearing them as soon as the weather cooled down. I didn't know often I would wear them but I've been pleasantly surprised that they go with so many outfits! They also come in 2 solid colors.

Beauty Purchases

Some of the simplest purchases can be the best. This silicone mat protects surfaces from your hot tools. As a bonus the tools can also go in the pocket while it is hot so you don't have to wait for it to cool to pack or put it away.

I love this exfoliating cloth and after using a few times I bought it as a gift for some friends. This cloth can be used with any soap you like and is gentle enough to be used everyday. I did a full review here. Another item that was worth its own review is The Ordinary Peel. I use this product at least once a week! 

Dry skin is a constant issue for me, this Nivea Creme is worth its weight in gold for how well it moisturizes my face and body. I am working on a full review that will be posted in the next few weeks but for now, just take my word that your face and body will thank you!

Kara Krittenbrink

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