Under $10 Beauty Rx: Nivea Crème Moisturizer Review

I am always trying to balance trying new skincare products but still using my favorites. That means I typically only change up one product at a time. This is also a good strategy when trying to figure out if a product works or has any benefits. If you change too many once you can have a few issues: 1) your skin can react to too many changes, 2) if you have good results you won't know which product(s) is the one working. 

Over the last 4 or 5 months I have been using Nivea's Creme Moisturizer after a friend suggested it to me. It is what I would call a "no frills" moisturizer. Meaning that it doesn't have any extra ingredients or actives that do anything but moisturize. I rely on my serums and oils to have active ingredients so all I need from my moisturizer is to moisturizer.

Nivea Creme Moisturizer Review

Nivea Creme Moisturizer Review

The Creme Moisturizer is meant for both your face and body. This actually worried me at first because I thought that it would either be too rich and thick for my face and clog my pores or not rich enough for my body. Magically it is neither of those! The Moisturizer is thick which makes it seem like it wouldn't spread well. Once warmed up in your hands for a second, it thins just enough and spreads evenly. 

The moisturizer locks in everything! It provides a thick layer to seal in all of the products put on your skin before, like a barrier. My dry, wintery skin has really benefitted from the intense moisture. I can get dry flaky patches on my chin during this time of year. The flakes have been few and far between during the last few months I've been using it. I've used many other higher end moisturizers and this one works as good, if not better. 

For most people this moisturizer is probably best as just a nighttime option. Because of the thickness it takes a bit of time to soak in so wearing it at night is best. Sometimes I even mix it with my face oil and then apply it.

How to Use Nivea Creme Moisturizer

Face: The Creme Moisturizer should be used as the last step in your skincare routine.  Take a little less than a quarter size amount and rub it in your hands. The warmth of your hands thins the creme slightly so it is easier to spread. Then apply it to your face and neck in an upwards motion. Let it soak in and you are done!

Body: Warm in your hands first and apply like any body lotion. 
Kara Krittenbrink

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