Beauty RX: The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution

In my constant search for the best beauty products for my skin, I have recently started trying some products from the brand The Ordinary. When I started researching the brand, I learned their mission is to "raise pricing and communication integrity in skincare." They want to bring high quality, science backed ingredients to customers. Because of their commitment to transparency they don't hike up the prices of their products. 

The brand focuses on ingredient driven products. Each product is named after the ingredients and not the results, so the names can be a little intimidating. But after reading a little about each product, which the company's site has, you can find what products you  should use based on your skin's needs. All of the products are under $20 and most of them are under $10!

Once of the most hyped products is the AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution. This solution is a mask/peel and is meant to be washed off and not a serum. The mask's blood red color is equal parts intimidating and instagrammable. When applied, it looks like the expensive vampire facials so many celebrities rave about. The peel combines multiple ingredients to help exfoliate your skin. The AHA's & BHA's are two types of acids that will exfoliate off dead skin cells, oils and other things that are clogging your pores. 

The acids are at a very high concentration so it is very important to use the peel as directed. Wash your face and then completely dry it. Apply a full dropper of the mask to your face and let it sit. Immediately wash your hands so you don't irritate them. While the peel is on my face I felt a small tingly sensation. It doesn't hurt and stops after a few minutes. I actually liked the sensation because it made me think the mask is working. Don't use it more than twice a week and don't leave it on for more than 10 minutes. If you have sensitive skin, I highly recommend doing a spot treatment the first time you use it. Also the first time you use it on your full face, I would start with just a few minutes and eventually build up to 10 minutes. This can help avoid too much irritation. Once the time is up, completely rinse it off with lukewarm water. Because it is so strong, you don't want to use any retinoids, other acids or strong products on your skin after. I apply a thick layer of moisturizer (this is my current fav) on my face and that is it!


Immediately after using the peel my skin was softer and smoother. I had a lit from within glow that lasted a few days.  I can see how, overtime, this peel can help with textural issues and discoloration. This product seems so much more high end than the $10 price tag!

Since the peel is getting rid of the dead skin on my face, I know my other skincare products are penetrating and working better too. My nose, mouth and chin area are always trouble spots for me when it comes to break outs. This area has become even more congested now that mask wearing has become a thing. This product has helped immensely to cleanse and decongest the area and prevent "maskne". After using for over a month I have found a routine that works for me. I use it twice a week, once on my entire face and then once on just my chin, around my mouth and my nose area. If my skin is particularly irritated or red, I will only use it once a week or every other week. 

I've had a few of my friends try this product as well. They all reported softer and smoother skin too! One of them really didn't like the tingly feeling while the mask is on but she didn't have any irritation to her skin afterwards. 

Kara Krittenbrink

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