Comfortable & Stylish Masks I Recommend

Since we are all wearing masks to keep each other and ourselves safe, I have been looking for some cute ones that I don't mind wearing! I'm sure I'm not the only one keeping a spare mask in my purse at all times. And since masks should be washed after every use I like to have a collection of cute masks. Every brand is coming out with their version so they aren't hard to find right now. They trick is finding cute ones that fit well. 

It is not surprising that a brand with fun printed headbands, like Lele Sadoughi, makes some of the best printed masks! This brand  was one of the first brands I noticed making masks. They use some of their most popular headband prints to make masks. I'm loving these for everyday wear and have bought a couple of their packs. They are affordable enough to buy a few so I can coordinate to my outfits. 

For times when I'm working out or want a sleeker mask, I love these masks from Athleta. The have a metal piece at the nose that helps the mask to fit well. If you need a basic black mask, this etsy shop has great soft ones!

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Kara Krittenbrink

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