Gift Guide: For the Home


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Since we are all spending so much more time at home now, gifts that make the home better are great for many on your list! 

I recently stayed with someone that had this Nespresso coffee maker and I am hooked. There are so many types of coffees and espresso pods to choose from. If the one on your list already has a coffee maker, this milk frother makes any cup of coffee special!

Game night has become the new going out and my roommates and I love Codenames! Another one that I love is this large jenga game. We like to pull it out anytime we are spending some time in our backyard. Another outdoor activity we've loved is this projector! We have played movies and concerts with it and it makes any night feel more special!

We are all missing loved ones and time together! This digital frame is different from other because you add photos by emailing the frame! You can share the email with friends and family and everyone can send in their photos.

Kara Krittenbrink

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