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Suncare is important year round but really something we should all focus on during the Spring and Summer. We all know by know how the sun can cause skin cancer but sun damage is also one of the leading causes of our skin to age.  It's no secret that I take suncare seriously. I'm constantly looking for new products to use and better formulas. We now don't have to settle for thick sticky lotions to protect our skin. 

1. Sunscreen Primer & Oil - One of my absolute favorite products is this new Glowscreen from Supergoop! I wear it every single day and dedicated a whole post to it here

 If you have ready any of my skincare posts, you'll know I love face oil. Over the past few years it has become my favorite skincare products. I've now switched to using  this sunscreen oil in the morning all over my face and body on any days I'm going to be outside. This formula soaks in and doesn't feel greasy. Once it has soaked in you can apply make up over it with out any issues. It is moisturizing and nourishing and gives a soft glow that I love.

Setting Mist -  I know many people are skeptical about whether a setting spray works of not, but I've always been a believer. When you combine one with spf, I'm really in. This product not only keeps your makeup on longer but it applies an even coat of spf 50. It is an especially great travel item.

Setting Powder - Another dual purpose item, this product sets make up, applies sunscreen and mattifies your face. It is the perfect product to use as a sunscreen touch up over makeup. It will soak up any oil as well.

Color Science Setting Powder - Supergoop Setting Powder

Protecting our skin from the sun doesn't mean we can't have a bronze glow. I have several products I love that help give me a hint of color. In all of these I buy the light version but for anyone that wants more color they have darker options. 

I've tried my fair share of self tanners and had plenty of bad experiences. Finding a combination of natural color, even application and a great smell is not easy. Two of my favorite brands are St. Tropez and 
Tan Towels. St. Tropez's foams (here and here) go on smooth and evenly. The foam is colorless and has just a slight but pleasant smell. It gives subtle color that you can build but you will tell a difference after one application. I have recently starting using this tanning mitt and the application has been even easier. 

Tan Towels are single use towels infused with self tanner. Application is easy because you just swipe the towels across your body. Since there aren't any liquids with this product, it's so easy to take on vacations. 

One newer (to me) product is the Tan Luxe lotion. It feels and acts just like a normal lotion but after a few hours gives a hint of color. For me, it is the ideal amount of color to get a natural glow!

Kara Krittenbrink

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