New Obsession: Supergoop Glowscreen Sunscreen

We all know that we should be wearing sunscreen everyday.I am always good about applying it when I'm going to be outside for a long period of time. What I am not as good at is making sure it is a part of my everyday routine. I've tried several moisturizers with sunscreen and even an oil but have never found a product I really love.  

Supergoop is a sunscreen brand I love and use so many of their products. I've featured several of their products on the blog including this Glow Stick and  Refreshing Mist. I trust that they are safe and not only protect my skin but the products are good for my skin too. Supergoop formulates their products to be clean and to contain other beneficial ingredients, depending on the product. They have so many different products to cater to how you wear sunscreen. When a new product comes out I am quick to try it and the Glowscreen Sunscreen is the product I have been waiting for!  

Glowscreen Sunscreen is a skincare/makeup hybrid! The prouct is a mix of a primer and sunscreen with a pearl finish. It is  It is meant to be the last step in your skincare routine before you put makeup on. The finish of it on your skin is glowy and pearlescent without making you look greasy or too shiny. Even under foundation and concealer your skin will have a subtle glow to it. Since it is part primer it also helps your make up last through the day. But it doesn't feel as heavy as many of the primers I've tried.

While it is meant to go under your foundation, I've found that I love wearing Glowscreen Sunscreen without foundation as well. It is the best product for a no makeup look but you'll still have a glow. It is now my favorite product for days I'm running errands or heading to the gym first thing. It makes me feel confident while also taking care of my skin. I know this summer, when I am outside more and more active this will be the first product I grab in the morning. 

Kara Krittenbrink

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