Valentine's Cookies

 There is something about homemade baked goods that just speaks to me.  When you receive them you know someone has taken time to make something special just for you. It also doesn't hurt that they taste about 100x better than store bought.  I came across this recipe for heart cookies and loved the idea of elevating a simple sugar cookie.

 I made the basic dough in the recipe. It is a simple chewy cookie dough. 

  I took a third of the dough and added red food coloring.  It takes a bit of time to work in the food coloring.  If you are wondering if your hands will look crazy and red afterwards, the answer is yes!!

  I chilled the dough before cutting it out and chilled it again (for about 30 minutes) once I stacked the heart cut outs together.

 I found the best way to add the dough around the hearts was to make little dough snakes and wrap them around.  Then I once again chilled the dough, this time for a few hours.

 Using a sharp knife I cut out the cookies and baked them!!! Voila! 

 They are pretty cute just as they are!  I was taking these to a friends' house so I put them on a cute plate.  They would also be cute in a clear bag tied with a pink or red bow.

Changing up the colors and cookie cutters I use, this recipe can be modified to work for any holiday!

Kara Krittenbrink


  1. These are absolutely amazing! I love how you layered the two different types of dough! I will definitely have to try these out. Happy Valentine's Day!


  2. I'm confused. Why didn't I have any of these?? They look delicious.