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   I have hosted my fair share of showers, both wedding and baby.  I love celebrating the new milestones in my friends' lives!  I recently helped throw a baby shower for one of my closest friends.  She will be having a baby boy soon and I CANNOT wait to meet him! 
The baby shower was a rustic zoo theme with lots of soft colors and animals.  I hosted with three of my friends and the Mom-to-be's sisters.  A friend and I were in charge of food and we put together a yummy brunch menu that seemed to please both the guest of honor and the guests.  I have some very talented friends that arranged the flowers and did the adorable decor.  My favorite thing were the small animal figurines spray painted gold!

My experience has taught me that there are a few key things to help make a shower a stress free success:
  • Pick a theme-  When you know what direction you are going in, all other decisions are easier.
  • Divide and conquer- Dividing the responsibilities among the hostesses gives each person something to concentrate on and keeps the process from overwhelming any one person.
  • Keep the food simple- overcomplicated food is time consuming and not worth the payout.
  • Host in a home - When possible host the shower at a home.  The atmosphere a home creates is always more inviting than anywhere you can host. 
  • HAVE FUN!!- you are celebrating someone you love, keep that in mind and everything else will come together. 

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  1. Swooning over this post! Thanks a ton for sharing. Happy Tuesday! xo

    Evolution of Glam

  2. What a wonderful shower! The zoo theme is too cute. The food and cookies look delicious! Thanks for sharing your tips!