Dress + Sneaker Pairing

The last few weeks I shared some of my favorites dresses (here) and sneakers (here). Both can be worn with countless other things, I have been combining the two. If you follow me on instagram you've seen evidence in a lot of my recent OOTDs. I have had some questions about how I pair dresses with sneakers so today I'm posting a few of my favorite combinations to provide some inspiration using mainly items from the precious posts!

There really are no rules with how to put together dresses and sneakers. If it's out of your comfort zone (like it originally was for me) then sometimes a little inspiration can help. 

This is my favorite board because both dresses look good with either sneaker. A denim dress will look great with almost any pair of sneakers. Prints, textures, bright colors and neutrals look equally chic with denim. For an impact, I love the combination of this hot pink dress and tie dye sneakers. This look is dressy enough for nicer events. I think it would be especially cute for brunch or a shower. 

An easy way to coordinate is sticking within the same color palette. For example, if a dress has warm colors, like coral, then find sneakers with warm colors like the pink and red in these. It's okay that the colors don't match exactly, the fact that they are in the same color family means they'll coordinate. I also love the contract of the athletic shoes with the dressy outfit.

These glitter sneakers do make a statement but I've been wearing them with everything! I would wear them with any of the dress in this post

Print mixing can sometimes be intimidating. One combo I will always love is leopard and basic stripes. Both prints are classics but when combined become a fashion forward look. 
Kara Krittenbrink

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