Summer Dresses under $150

Earlier this week I did a quick survey on instagram and I found out many of you are shopping for dresses. As one of the most versatile items in a wardrobe, I am always shopping for dresses.  Even with a more casual dress code at work, I've still been wearing dresses. I'm now pairing them with tennis shoes and flats for a casual vibe. I never thought there would be a point that I actually like wearing tennis shoes more than heels but I can definitely get used to it! During the hot, summer months nothing is easier and cooler than wearing a dress. 

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Shirt dresses are probably my favorite type of dress. They are an easy piece to immediately make you look polished. Any wardrobe would benefit from at least one.  A solid color shirt dress can take you to work or play. Almost all shirt dresses will look great with a pair of pumps or wedges. So many brands are changing things up and using fun and different prints for their shirt dresses. 

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One of the top trends I've loved this last year is puffed sleeves and I love how the trend has moved from not just tops but dresses too. If you are afraid of the added volume they give your silhouette, balance it out with a fitted waist and you'll have created a beautiful hourglass figure.

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Maybe because I asked for one for my 3rd birthday, but I always have had at least one jean dress in my closet. Nothing creates an easy casual dress better than denim. Lately, my favorite way to style my denim dresses are with a pair of statement tennis shoes.

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