Best of 2019

First post of the year. 2019 was quite a year. I'm working on a 2020 goal list and how I came to those goals but for now I'm sharing the best purchases I made in 2019. 

1. Athleta Leggings and Crop Top - This Spring when I had committed to working out, I needed to replace some of my workout clothes. I tried out 6 pairs of black leggings to find the perfect pair! These won by a long shot and I've since bought several pairs in a few different colors. The high rise and compression material make a comfortable fit and the pockets are a bonus! While I never thought I would be one to wear a crop top to workout, since starting cycle bar this summer this crop has become my favorite top. The high neck and not too short length are a perfect match to the leggings. 

2. Apple Airpods - I jumped on the airpod train at the beginning of the year. I didn't think they would be that different from headphones but they are 100x better. Not being tethered to your phone really makes a huge difference. I can walk around the house or office while listening to podcasts or music and leave my phone charging. The sound quality is also way better than any headphones I've owned.

3. Denim Leggings - While I will always love my Madewell jeans, I have found another pair I love. These denim leggings are flattering and comfortable. The front seam adds a trendy detail to the classic skinny look.

4. Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask - This mask is one of the first things I pack in my carry on anytime I travel. It super moisturizing and great to combat all the dry airplane air. During the winter months, I'll apply a layer before I go to bed and wake up with glowy, moisturized skin. I've been trying to add more clean products to my skin care and the Jet Lag Mask has Sephora's clean certification. 

5. Gucci Soho Disco Leather Bag - While a major splurge, this purse is a classic item in the perfect red! I've used it even more than I expected to. If you follow me on instagram you may have seen this purse in many of my OOTDs I post on stories. What I love most about the crossbody style is that can be paired with athleisure just as easily as my work clothes.

6. Dalia Faux Fur Throw - Complete on a whim, I purchased this faux fur throw during the Black Friday sale at Anthropologie. It is the perfect accent piece on my bed and is one of those items that makes me smile every time I see it. I also love curling up under it while reading or binge watching One Tree Hill.

7. Weighted Blanket - It seems like everyone has been talking about weighted blankets the last couple years and early last year I finally bought one for myself. I LOVE this blanket. Something about the weight is comforting and helps me stay asleep. I use it a few nights a week. It is also a great blanket to use while binge watching netflix!

8. Equilibria Subscription - I am someone that struggles with a lot of anxiety in my day to day life. It affects a lot of things but a big one is my sleep. I am always working on ways of taking care of myself because it helps manage my anxiety level. After a lot of research into CBD, I decided to try using it to see how it can help. While it is not a fix all, it has really helped to calm my mind. It is hard to explain how its helped but I can summarize by saying I'm a fan! There are tons of CBD options so please do your research and understand the differences and what is/isn't legal where you are. This subscription service has become the best option for me!

Kara Krittenbrink

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