Florals for Fall?

I'm not sure whether it was traveling half of the month or being on the beach less than 2 weeks ago, but Fall truly snuck up on me. While the temperatures here have not been very Fall like, I've been browsing thru all the new Fall pieces at my favorite brands.

One thing that is making a real statement is Fall florals. While floral patterned pieces don't seem new, this isn't your typical pastel or light colored floral print. This season the floral patterns are dark, moody and make a statement.  Common Fall colors and color schemes are now being put into all types of floral pieces.  My favorite are any in jewel tones. The florals also sometimes on Fall fabrics like velvet and brocade. I like it as a change from the patterns you typically think of during the Fall or Winter.

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I've found tops, pants, dresses, skirts and accessories in Fall floral patterns but the jumpsuits have been what really caught my eye. While full body pattern can seem a bit intimidating, the darker color palette of these jumpsuits are very flattering. When I shop for jumpsuits I try to think about what types of pants and tops flatter me most and then I look for a jumpsuit with those same silhouettes. 

I've put together a full range of jumpsuits with different tops and pant looks. To style these pieces I keep everything else pretty simple. A strappy simple heel or mule will elevate the jumpsuit for a nice event or night out. Want a casual look? Pair with a pointy toe flat. For any look,  I keep the jewelry simple and dainty.

What do you think of the Fall floral trend?
Kara Krittenbrink

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