A New Look at SPF

It's a well known fact that everyone should wear SPF daily. Preventing sun damage is an incredibly important part of any skin care routine.  It can be hard to find sunscreen products with sunscreen or sunscreens themselves that feel good on the skin. Many products are sticky or leave a residue on your skin. Also, many ingredients in sunscreens can actually irritate your skin.

I recently learned about the brand Supergoop. Their mission is to create sunscreen products that you want to use! They promise their products are lightweight and absorb easily into the skin. Supergoop doesn't use parabens, oxybenzone or synthetic fragrances. 

After browsing thru their products I purchased the Setting Mist with SPF 50. It felt like an easy way to make sure I wear SPF on my face everyday. The setting mist is lightweight and feels great. It takes a few seconds to spray on and you are done! It sets your makeup and keeps it looking fresher longer. This setting spray has quickly become a staple part of my daily routine!

Have you ever used any products from the Supergoop brand?

Kara Krittenbrink

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