Engagement Gift Ideas

From Thanksgiving to Valentine's is considered engagement season! Many of my friends and even my parents (once upon a time) got engaged during this time. Two of my closest friends just got engaged and I've had the best time celebrating them! A celebratory brunch or dinner with a yummy cocktail is the best way to hear the proposal story!

I always like to get the new bride to be a little gift to celebrate this special time in her life! I've put together some of my favorite ideas.

To celebrate her new initials I love monogrammed items. A May Designs notebook can be customized so many different ways! I love bubbly to celebrate everything and an engagement is no exception. Pair some champagne with these glasses for a perfect gift!

If your friend will be showcasing some new bling, she will want to keep up her manicures! These polishes are great for an at home mani or get a gift certificate for a manicure at your favorite nail salon. These jewelry wipes will keep the new ring shining. 

One other item I loved giving is personalized thank you notes. The newly engaged will be getting lots of gifts and have lots of thank yous to write. Visit a local stationery shop and pick out some cards for her. You can do a monogram or one I love is putting "The Future Mrs." on there. You can order several sets and have some handy for the next time a friend gets engaged!

If you need more ideas, Kate Spade has a ton of fun items!


Kara Krittenbrink

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