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When I was putting together a list of graduation gifts, I started thinking about watches.  Watches make a great gift to commemorate a special occasion or event. It's a memorable gift that someone will always remember. They are also an equally great gift to buy yourself!  You can find watches in most price ranges and in all types of styles.  Some of my current favorites have color incorporated on the straps or watch face.

Michael Kors is a great brand for classic shapes and styles. They offer a wide variety in all types of metals. I loved the mix metal ones.

Kate Spade watches can only be described as fun! They have some classic styles but for the most part they are more whimsical.  One of their best sellers is the Happy Hour Metro Watch, which replaces the number 5 with a martini glass. Who doesn't want a reminder that it's time for a cocktail?

When I wear a watch I treat it like a bracelet and stack it! There are no real rules on bracelet stacking, it’s about having fun! Take this as a way to get creative and express your personal style. I like to mix metals and materials. My go to bracelet to add is a pave link. I have this one and this one!  This Loren Hope bracelet adds a great punch of color! I also love thisthisthisthis and this bracelet to add to your favorite watch.  
Kara Krittenbrink


  1. they are absolutely lovely!

  2. They are all super gorgeous, but my faves have to be the Kate Spade collection. They are so colorful and chic

  3. Happy Friday, lovely! These watches are stunning!
    Happy Mother's Day! Sending you much love!!!
    xoxo, Vanessa