Book Round Up Vol. 6

City of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert - Glamour, love and New York City, city of girls tells the story of a woman as she looks back on her life. Vivian Morris came of age in the 1940s and moved from a small town to New York City to live with her aunt, after getting kicked out of college. Her eclectic aunt owned a dilapidated theater and lived above it. Suddenly with freedom and a world she'd never experienced before, Vivian was ready to experience everything. The people around her were exciting and so different from her and each other. These years altered Vivian's life and the trajectory of it. With an underlying theme of acceptance, it reminds us all to be open to where your experiences can take you. Grade: A

Over the Top: A Journey to Self Love by Jonathan Van Ness - Many celebrity memories are a good read but don't have a lot of depth with them. Jonathan Van Ness is over the top, for sure, but has battled so pretty big demons. He mixes his humor and lightness while sharing the darkness he has gone thru. A book I couldn't put down and loved learning how much there is to this man and how everyone truly just needs to be supported in who they are. Grade: B

Twice in A Blue Moon by Christina Lauren - First heartbreak's never really leave us. After a whirlwind romance abroad, Tate is left heartbroken by Sam. Almost two decades later they are brought together again and Tate realizes she hasn't work thru all the pain he caused. Forced to talk to Sam she must find out why he betrayed her so long ago. Grade: B

Good Girls Lie by J.T. Ellison - Set in an all girls' boarding school in Virginia, Goode is the all girls' boarding school where the elite and influential send their daughters. This thriller starts with a student that has hung herself but you don't know which privileged coed it is. This novel moves back and forth from the present to last summer. A new sophomore, Ash, has arrived at school and bring British isn't the only thing that makes her different. The entitled students don't welcome new girls easily! This book had me guessing throughout and once I got about 1/3rd of the way I didn't want to stop! Grade: A

Red White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston - How would you handle having to keep your love secret? Alex Claremont-Diaz is finishing up his last year in college while he lives in the White House. Being the president's son has made him on oft he most eligible bachelors in America and he is constantly getting attention for everything he does. When an altercation with the British prince goes viral all the attention could hurt his mother's chances at reelection! In order to do some damage control, they are pushed to spend some high profile moments together to show the British/American relations are intact. What began as a fake friendship grows deeper and then turns romantic but the relationship must be kept secret! 
Grade: B+
Kara Krittenbrink

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